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The Mighty Mug is your perfect travel companion. Fill up with your favourite hot drink and you'll be able to enjoy without spilling as the Mighty Mug will not be knocked over.

Mighty Mugs - The Unspillable Mug

The Mighty Mug is the product you never knew you needed. If you are an avid on the go coffee drinker, or maybe you prefer to drink whilst sat at your desk, the Mighty Mug can cater to both, offering a range of different features and colours!

There is nothing worse than knocking over your freshly brewed cup of coffee - only to frantically jump up and try to save not only your coffee but your laptop! Unfortunately we have all been there. If this sounds all-too-familiar to you, then the Mighty Mug might just be an essential new addition to your everyday life.

What is Smart Grip Technology?

Powered by Smart Grip Technology, the Mighty Mug is the world's first unspillable cup. Smart Grip Technology is what allows the Mighty Mug to withstand accidental bumps, creating a suction to any smooth and flat surface - eliminating the potential of spillage.

The grip at the bottom creates a power airlock so it is held in place. When you want to take a sip of your beverage, simply lift the Mighty Mug and the pressure is instantly normalised allowing you to drink from the mug with ease.

Eco Friendly, choice of cup

Eco friendly, sustainable, biodegradable. These are all common buzzwords used to talk about today’s predominant concern: climate change. Everyone is trying to do their bit to adapt a more sustainable way of living and produce less waste.

The Mighty Mug is made from BPA - Free plastic, which is treated as an eco-friendly additive to reduce the time it takes to biodegrade. Whilst most plastics can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade, the Mighty Mug innovative plastic takes approximately 5 years.

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As we head into the colder weather of the winter months a Mighty Mug is a great addition to your everyday life, relieving you of yet another stress in the form of coffee related caution. So, now you can grab for your hot beverage with no apprehension - simply place your Mighty Mug down on your desk without the worry of spillages and leakages and continue with your day!