Why Cast Iron is Making a Comeback

Benefits of cooking with cast ironYou may have noticed that cast iron is everywhere at the moment and for all the right reasons.

The Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron

From casserole dishes to square steak pans and cast iron frying pans, with the use of cast iron cooking ware, you can cook everything from your Sunday casserole to a crumble and pancake.

With no limitations when it comes to cooking, investing in your next Chasseur product seems inevitable for an easier and more enjoyable method of cooking. Here are some of the main benefits of cooking with cast iron.

Delicious meals

Spotted not just in French farmhouses and chic restaurants, cast iron has become a trend not just due to its attractive and traditional looks, but also as its increasing practicality and the awareness of being able to be more adventurous with your cooking.

From cooking meat in a short space of time to roasting a chicken and frying some dumplings, you can do much more with you cast iron than you originally thought.

With the use of your cast iron frying pan you can cook a pizza, make a pear tart along with a full English breakfast.

Cast Iron Durability and no non-stick coating

Once handed down from generation to generation and quality cast iron casserole dishes being priceless heirlooms, the attraction of owning and cooking with cast iron was due to it being seen as almost indestructible, with no upkeep required.

However, in the 20th century, cast iron was pushed to the back and often ignored due to the advances in non-stick pans, but even with modern technology, non-stick pans are unable to handle the heat and will chip and wear through age.

Environmentally friendly

In the past purchasing a new item was only brought once established that the item could not be repaired and melting down old broken pots and pans was a part of life.

With a lack of chemicals used in the manufacture of cast iron, cast iron is 100% recyclable and with a long lifespan.

Cast Iron Health benefits

A force to be truly reckoned with and not just in its weight, cooking in cast iron has in recent years been recognised as obtaining numerous health benefits.

When cooking with cast iron food will retain its natural ingredients and with a high level of iron in your food, there is no need to add excess oil.


With less oil being used and cast iron being a chemical-free alternative to non-stick pans, you can be confident in a healthier diet. A healthier diet means a healthier you. If you are wanting to get on board the cast iron trend that is here to stay, then take a look at our gorgeous Chasseur collection.

With the ability to do so much more with cast iron, I’m confident that once you use cast iron, you will be forever in love with this simple yet effective way of cooking.

Own and love your Chasseur cast iron cookware and wanting some inspiration on what next to cook, take a look at our recommended recipes.