• New Lockdown pleasures: the Fondue!

    Whether fondue for you means cheese or chocolate; there are so many unknown uses that your fondue pot holds….or could do, if you owned one. Let us enlighten you on a few of the surprising wonders of owning a fondue set Fondue. Whether you prefer to dip strawberries into a warm chocolate sauce or bread into creamy cheese, using your set for its original function is fun and exciting every time ...

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  • Get the best from a knife sharpener

      When you are trying to prepare a delicious meal in the kitchen, it can be frustrating and annoying to find that all your knives have dull blades. This can make chopping, slicing and dicing more time consuming and difficult. Having a manual or electric knife sharpener to hand can quickly fix this problem. Therefore it is important to have a knife sharpener handy but it is even more import ...

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  • Carving the Christmas Turkey….the easy way

      The chances are that you’ve thought about it for months, had it on order for weeks, spent north of £50 on it and dedicated most of the last 24 hours to preparing and cooking it. So you might as well get that last little bit right, and it’s a lot easier than you think! Here are some of the golden rules we follow at home: 1. This is a job for the scientist or craftsman in the family, a ...

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  • Choosing Oven Gloves and Gauntlets

    The vast majority of mitts, gauntlets and double oven gloves come in cotton; a few come in silicone (very heat resistant but also very difficult to manipulate) and in other flameproof materials. Let’s stick with the cotton ones. Most of the safety thinking has been done for you already, and you should therefore always look for British Standard mark on a product that you are considering buyin ...

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  • Stir-up Sunday

    Stir-up Sunday, which this year takes place on November 22nd, is not necessarily what you think it is. Not in its origins, at least. It seems to have been a tradition that was willed down to us by the Victorians, that first started with the book of Common Prayer, and the collect for the last Sunday before Advent, that ran: ‘Stir up we beseech thee, O Lord, the will of thy faithful people’. ...

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  • How should I store my knives?

    As a knife supplier, we get asked this question surprisingly often, so we thought that it would be useful to give a summary. Obviously, the overarching concern must be safety, particularly where there are children regularly in the kitchen. But there are other factors, too, like convenience, cleanliness, knife care and price. Fundamentally, there are five ways to store your knives: magnetic ra ...

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  • Is giving a knife as a gift bad luck?

    It’s a myth half as old as time itself, that giving a sharp object (and especially a knife) as a gift will bring bad luck. Specifically, so they say, the sharpness of the blade will ‘sever’ the ties of the friendship. Knives are not alone in being considered unlucky gifts in some cultures: handkerchiefs (waving goodbye to a relationship), shoes (a bringer of evil), clocks (calling for bad ...

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  • Why does my cheese knife have holes in it?

    One of the wonderful things about knives is that there seems to be one for just about any job you might do in a kitchen from shucking an oyster to slicing a wafer thin piece of sashimi, with about a hundred tasks in between. But a question that we get asked quite often is ‘why do cheese knives have holes in them?’ And a supplementary question is ‘why do some cheese knives turn up at the end ...

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  • How to clean baking trays and oven dishes

    Admit it, they are never the most beautiful thing in your kitchen- those much-used and much-loved trays and dishes that are hidden away from view most of the time. They look old before their time, and always look like are starting their days work a little grubbier than they should be. Here’s some ideas for you. If the dish or tray has just been used to heat up, say, something simple like sc ...

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  • 10 easy ways to kick plastic out of your life!

    So what exactly is the problem with plastic? Why are we so down on one of the most brilliant and versatile inventions of the last 15 years? Paradise beach in Thailand ruined by heavy plastic pollution. The real problem is that it never ‘dies’, never goes away. We (the human race) make 350 million tons of it a year, even though all the humans on earth don’t add up to 350 million tons. A ...

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