What is matcha green tea

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Many choose to consume it, adding it to their diet as an enhancement to their health and well being, while others are a bit unsure of whether there are any side effects associated with matcha. For those who have not yet heard of matcha, matcha is a form of green tea packed full of antioxidants, making it one of the most powerful caffeinated drinks, packed with EGCg, Vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium; adding matcha to your diet can hold huge health benefits.

Along with being stuffed full of vital vitamins that our bodies are missing, matcha has been found to dramatically boost your body’s metabolism and burn calories. Helping drinkers to lose weight and keep in shape is one of the biggest perks that matcha holds, along with mood and concentration enhancement.

Research has discovered that many people are not consuming enough antioxidants and with antioxidants important in the healing and protection of the body against illness and disease, making sure that you are consuming enough is incredibly important. Viewed as an antioxidant powerhouse, if you are wanting to quickly boost the amount that you are adding to your body, drinking matcha should be your first choice. Seen as a superfood, matcha green tea contains 125 times more antioxidants than spinach, making it a worthwhile addition to your diet.

Being full of important vitamins and containing more antioxidants than other superfoods, for those who are wanting to add matcha to their diet, do you drink it loose or in a bag? When drinking matcha green tea, the key to taking advantage of all the important vitamins that are stored inside is by drinking the tea loose in the powder format. The powder is made from ground tea leaves and is one of the most effective ways of getting all the important antioxidants and minerals without eating the tea leaves whole.

For those who are worried about the thought of drinking matcha green tea due to its potential taste, you may be surprised with the flavours found in this green tea. Although an off putting bright green, matcha can be surprisingly sweet in flavour, complex with a number of aromatic flavours, making it rather enjoyable along with being ridiculously healthy.

If you are planning to start adding matcha green tea to your diet and are wanting to treat yourself to a new teapot ormug for the occasion, our London Pottery pebble teapots are perfect for brewing a pot of your new favourite green tea. With inspiration taken from pebbles found along the beach and with a slight oriental vibe, the pebble tea pot is most suited to brewing a pot of matcha.

Do you already enjoy a mug of matcha tea to wake you up in the morning? If so take a look matcha latteat our delicious matcha recipes, allowing you to add this ultra-healthy ingredient to some deliciously naughty dishes.