Treat yourself to a quality Chasseur fondue set


Whether fondue for you means cheese or chocolate; there is so many unknown uses that your fondue pot holds.

Let us enlighten you on the many wonders of owning a fondue set and persuade you to make your next purchase be a Chasseur fondue pot.

cast iron fondue set

Fondue. No matter if you prefer to dip strawberries into a warm chocolate sauce or bread into creamy cheese, using your set for its original function is fun and exciting every time.

Making soup. Warming up your favourite  tomato soup from a can to heating homemade lentil soup. By pouring the liquid and the key ingredients into your pot for an hour, you can have a delicious bowl of homemade soup.

Warm your starters. If you’re holding a party and wanting to get you starters warm while you continue to cook your main, by using your fondue pot, you can keep your appetisers to the ideal temperature before serving.

Deep fry food. Wanting to deep fry some food but worry as you do not own a fryer, then do not fear. Turn your fondue into a fryer. By filling your pot with oil, you can create deliciously cooked onion rings, calamari and mini donuts.

S’mores. Our favourite autumnal and winter treat. After using your fondue pot to melt the chocolate into a thick sauce, take a skewered marshmallow and place above the heat until it begins to melt. Take the marshmallow and spread the chocolate sauce onto a cracker to create a delicious and naughty s’more.

Make warm beverages. For those wanting to be adventurous and try a more time consuming  method to making their morning cup of coffee or tea, then your fondue pot could be the answer to your questions. By boiling water inside of the pot and adding either coffee or a tea bag, you can enjoy a large hot mug of your favourite beverage.

Create a Mongolian hot pot. The fondue pot is ideal for cooking up an exciting Asian dish such as a Mongolian hot pot. By boiling the water inside your fondue pot, add slices of meat and vegetable, such as chunks of beef, tofu, mushrooms and pea shoots. By placing the fondue in the centre of the table, using skewers or chopsticks to eat straight from the pot.

Improve your complexion. For those wanting to improve their complexion and needing a quick boost, your fondue pot can help. By boiling hot water in the pot, hold your face over the steam, being careful not to get to close and burn yourself. When the pours have opened, place a cleansing mask on your face and relax. For those wanting to vamp up their treatment, add either a few drops of essential oils into the water or some green tea for a spa like experience.

Purchasing a fondue set is much more than buying a tool for a social gathering; your new cast iron fondue pot is an investment, a trusty tool that you can rely on in the future.

Chasseur cast iron fondue setWhether you are wanting to improve the complexion of your skin or cook up a quick hot pot to enjoy with  guests; your fondue pot will always be at the centre of your table.

If you want to give fondue living a go and experience the excitement that owning a fondue pot rewards, our Chasseur cast iron fondue set is the perfect tool to get you started.