The Marrakesh collection for the wanderlust traveller

yves saint lauren

Do you ever find yourself drifting in and out from a continual daydream where you are transported back to the balmy beaches of Bali or playing Indiana Jones in the temples of Angkor Wot?

Perhaps you’re a traveller who prefers a chic, vogue city where they can sit back and sip their Spritz whilst looking across at the Colosseum in Rome or are enticed by the loud, dusty souks of Marrakesh.

For those who are still longing to be transported back to the streets of Morocco and back to where they first experienced an earthly form of heaven in the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech, we have a collection to fulfil even the strongest of urges.

Our Marrakesh collection features a vibrant and playful blue and green soaking in flavours of spices and sounds conjured up within the walled medina.

Adding a burst of colour to your kitchen and transporting you back to those hot afternoons as you make your way lost through the alleys and side streets trying to find your way back to your riad.

Morrocan tiles

It was during the challenge of trying to find your hotel that you witnessed those attractive blue and green tiles placed on the arches around the red-walled old town.

Now every time you go to pick up your oven gloves or go to put on your apron, you are hit by a wave of nostalgia of those days exploring and falling in love with spiced lentil and lamb clay-baked tagines.

For chefs who enjoy their time spent in the kitchen and have never had the pleasure of stepping foot within this north African country, purchasing the Marrakesh collection allows you to go on a cuisine adventure every time you experiment or cook up a new dish.

Experimenting and trying new things is important in progressing and developing as a person, for those who have dreams and aspirations, the key to happiness is to jump in and give it a go even if you fail on the first attempt.

Marrakesh coll

For those who wish to go oversees on a Moroccan odyssey, let this fun collection influence you, yet for wanting to embark on a new culinary adventure, let this apron and matching oven glove accompany your tagine on an oversees trip.

Coming in a vibrant green and a bright blue, there is a colour suited to everybody and no matter the colour theme in your kitchen, we feel confident they will look fantastic in your home.

If you want to take your taste buds on an adventure this winter, why not have a go cooking in your Chasseur cast iron tagine with your Marrakesh collection and wow your friends and family not just by your cooking skills but also your incredible fashion sense.