How to Make Jam: The Art of Making Jam

One of the most special times of the year, summer is more than just longer daylight hours and a higher Celsius on the thermometer. No, for many, summer symbolises the start of the jam season and for others it is about learning how to make jam! Whether you prefer strawberry jam to your homegrown rhubarb jam, there is no limitations when it comes to making jam.

What can be appear intimidating, once you get past the equipment, precise measurements and chemistry involved, you can enjoy delicious sweet jam all year round. You can also teach your friends and family how to make jam too!

We take a look at the required tools needed to get you making jam, while also discussing top fruits that you can turn into sweet nectar to spread over your toast in the morning.

What tools do you need for making jam?

For those beginning their making jam adventure, then purchasing all the required tools can seem like a daunting task. Surprisingly simple to use, you may wonder to yourself why you have waited until now to dabble your hand at preserve making.

You will need: a large 9 litre stainless steel preserving pan, preserving funnel, jam thermometer and a large wooden jam spoon. Also essential for those beginning their jam making adventure, sterilised jam jars!

What jam can you make?

There are many different, delicious flavours of it that you can attempt in your kitchen.

For many new novice jam makers, strawberry, wild berry and marmalade are often a top choice. Here at Dexam, we are fond of all flavours! Full of sweetness, subtle tones and overloading flavour, the more comfortable you become with jam making, the more adventurous you will be!

From spiced tomato jam, mango jam to an exotic date jam, making jam is not just for summer!

Mastering the art of making jam!

Super simple, there are many detailed and precise recipes out there for those attempting their hand at jam making. Here, however, is a simple how-to guide for those wanting to make jam for themselves.

  • Clean the jars
  • Freeze a couple of saucers
  • Place fruit into preserving pan with sugar
  • Bring fruit to a rapid boil
  • Test the jam on a frozen saucer to discover if it wrinkles
  • Ladle jam through funnel into jars
  • Add lids while it is still hot, this will cause it to thicken and seal.
  • When sealed, place in fridge.

Our favourite Jam Recipes to try! 

Here is a selection of our favourite jam recipes that you can attempt for yourself.

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Mango Jam 

Spiced Tomato Jam

Blueberry Jam

If you like the idea of trying your hand at jam making and salivate over the idea of creating your own sweet bounty to enjoy all year round- we have the perfect starter kit for you to use.

With an included free jam thermometer, our Dexam Jam Making Bundle features the essential preserving pan, jam funnel and spoon.

Made with the finest stainless steel, this preserving pan is a versatile, durable and essential tool for those wanting to attempt jam of all flavours!