Join Dexam and take part in Plastic Free July

no plasticbottles this plastic free julyA growing problem and an issue that we are all guilty of contributing towards and that is the epidemic of plastic waste. So, try Plastic Free July in an effort to cut down on waste!

From filling land sites to being dumped in the Earth’s oceans, our plastic waste can create disastrous effects to the surrounding environment. A challenge that can seem impossible to complete, completing Plastic Free July is harder than one thought. With plastic turning up in the most unusual of places, the discovery of plastic in makeup and in teabags came as a shock to us all.

The Event: Plastic Free July

By joining Dexam and taking part in Plastic Free July, we can all attempt to lower the amount of plastic that we unwittingly waste. For many consumers, the abundance of plastic can be noted in supermarkets, often used at the most unnecessary of times.

A month-long event, Plastic Free July has been set up to encourage consumers to change their habits. From swapping plastic bags for reusable cotton bags, to buying a reusable coffee mug. By inspiring everyone to take the plunge and strip the amount of plastic that they use, we can influence the improvement of recycling points and lower the amount of waste being dumped across the world.

Top Tips for Plastic Free July

Are you interested in taking part in Plastic Free July or perhaps you are already doing your bit to reduce your overall plastic waste? We have a couple of solutions, helping you to go further, doing your bit to improve the health of the environment.

Swap single use for reusable

From containers to water bottles and coffee mugs. By buying and carrying reusable flasks, you can do your bit, reducing the amount of waste that you place into the bin. Many coffee shops are offering an incentive to get customers using reusable coffee mugs. Coffee chains including Pret a Manger are offering 50p off for those who bring their own coffee mug.

mightymug for plastic free july

Carry a reusable shopping bag

Light to carry, by popping a reusable shopping bag either into your cars' boot or at the bottom of your handbag, you can say no to plastic carrier bags. Offering years of support, your reusable bags are sturdier and less likely to snap than your average plastic bag.


Bin the teabags

swap teabags for plastic free july

We were surprised to hear that teabags contain plastic. Used to seal the teabags, by swapping tea bags for loose leaf tea, you can reduce the amount of plastic that you unnecessarily waste.

Say no to junk food

Have you noticed that junk food, particularly crisps and chocolate are covered in a layer of protective plastic, sometimes two if brought as a multi-pack? By saying no to junk food and eating a more healthier diet, you can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that you waste.

Shop in bulk

Sometimes plastic is unavoidable. For those who enjoy pasta but are unable to master the skill of pasta making, purchasing pasta is the only solution. With plastic being used to wrap the pasta, it is suggested that you consider buying in bulk. By buying larger quantities, you could save money and reduce plastic waste in the long term.

Put a lid on it

charlesviancinlids for plastic free july

Whether you are preparing or storing food, be sure to place an air tight lid onto your bowl. By using Charles Viancin instead of cling film, you can reduce your plastic waste while keeping food fresher for longer. Oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe, these environmentally friendly lids are tough and durable, promising a lifetime of happy cooking ahead.

Here are a few simple ways that you can begin to reduce your plastic waste for Plastic Free July. By starting small you can begin to see what areas you can improve on and where you should reduce your plastic waste the most. At Dexam, we take the unnecessary waste of plastic with extreme seriousness, which is why we have put together a collection of essential reusable items, the perfect additions to your kitchen.

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