• Spooky Themed Halloween Snack Ideas for Parties

    This year Dexam have you covered for Halloween snack ideas. With our help you can creep out the kids with some truly scary yet scrumptious bites. However, it’s important to make sure that the little ones’ tummies are filled first with a healthy and hearty devilish dinner before unleashing the trick-or-treaters to an evening of sugary sweets.  7 Savoury and Sweet Halloween Snack Ideas for all ...

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  • 6 Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

    Stainless steel is an invaluable material. It’s fundamental versatility means the material lends itself to multiple industries, including construction, medical and food sectors, proving it’s worth and the many benefits of stainless steel cookware.  Stainless steel can be found everywhere in the kitchen. Not only does it have a bright and clean aesthetic but it more importantly boasts durab ...

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  • Ten quirky kitchen products you never knew you needed

    Are you the kind of cook who loves to have all the latest weird and quirky kitchen products in your kitchen? Are you always on the lookout for something unusual but super handy to help make cooking easier? Perhaps you are searching for that perfect helpful or hilarious gift for your friend or relative who loves to create mouth-watering recipes? Whatever you are looking for, our list of ten quirk ...

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  • Everything you need to know about tagine cooking

    The tagine pot is best known in Moroccan cooking for making delicious, flavoursome stews that are slow-cooked to perfection in this aesthetically pleasing pot, and traditionally done so on an open flame. If you are new to tagine cooking, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with this piece of cookware before you begin to ensure you get the most out of it, and that it lasts for years to come. Prepa ...

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  • 6 Revolutionary Products for Student Cooking

    With late nights and occasional excess, it is vitally important that students eat well and get their full five-a-day! With looming deadlines, pupils should switch their Doner Kebabs and Dominos for healthier alternatives, safe in the knowledge that sometimes the better you eat, the cheaper it is. And with our very own student cooking guide we’ll fill you in on the top student kitchen essential ...

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  • Cast Iron Guide - Get Creative this Autumn!

    Cast Iron Cookware Guide: Everything you need to know about Chasseur, meaning ‘hunter’ in French, conjures up imagery of countryside traditions, bucolic landscapes, and winter warmer casseroles simmering on the stove at home. In this cast iron guide we explore all the things you need to know about cast iron including the history of cast iron cookware, cast iron cooking recipes and features! ...

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  • War on Plastic: 15,000 single-use plastic items in the average UK street

    The shocking amount of plastic used in a typical household was uncovered in a recent BBC documentary 'War on Plastic.' The programme revealed that there are 19,500,000,000 pieces of plastic inside UK homes at any given time, and even the most astute anti-plastic individuals find it impossible to say goodbye to plastic for good. The Scary Truth about The War on Plastic Even those who have ditch ...

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  • Zero Waste Week! Which of our products can help with your waste reduction?

    Here at Dexam, we are always trying to think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to become a greener and more ethical business.  We want to make sure we supply more sustainable, eco-friendly products to our customers. Our eco-friendly efforts to provide durable products that stand the test of sustainability can help to ease your way into a decisively greener lifestyle this zero waste week! ...

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  • Back To Uni! Our Top 5 Easy Recipes For Students

    It’s that time of year again where students are enjoying their last lazy, heady days of summer and gearing up to get back to uni for more work and play. Get back to uni prepared with these easy recipes for students. Of course, all the study, sports, and societies (and maybe the occasional night out or two thrown in for good measure) can work up a serious appetite. However, with limited cooking ...

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  • All The BBQ Essentials You Need From Dexam

    Even though the weather has been somewhat changeable lately, there is still plenty of British summertime left ready for you to make use of your bbq essentials kit! There is nothing that we Brits love more than a good old summer barbecue, come rain or shine! At Dexam we want to make sure that you have all the bbq essentials including tools, gadgets, and equipment you need to ensure that if you are ...

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