More than just casseroles with cast iron cookware

Your Chasseur cast iron cookware is an invaluable tool, a tool that allows you to exceed all your culinary expectations and create deliciously tasty meals.

When thinking of using your cast iron to cook for the family, images of hearty stews often spring to mind, but did you know that your cast iron pans makes more than just a scrumptious casseroles?

Whether you are the proud owner of a Chasseur tagine, casserole dish or you have purchased a cast iron frying pan, discover all the many exciting ways you can use your cast iron cookware.

Dutch Baby pancakescrêpe(p29)

With the use of the Chasseur cast iron frying pan, you can take this simple tool and use it to make a delicious dessert that all the family will love.

By placing your frying pan into the oven, you can make this popular dessert of caramelised apples surrounded by a crispy raised pancake.


Another surprising dish that you maybe unaware of being able to cook in your cast iron frying pan, pizza!

Using the circular base of the frying pan, you can create a perfectly round pizza base with a golden crispy crust.


Yes, it's winter and although we are feeling festive, the idea of facing the cold air and battling the rain makes us want to stay indoors, getting all hygge and wrapping ourselves up in a thick blanket.

Instead of missing out on all the festive spirit, with the use of your cast iron frying pan can quickly and easily create s’mores to enjoy in the comfort of your warm home.

By layering up crackers with chocolate and marshmallows, you can enjoy this festival delight without catching a chill.


A surprise to hear, but your cast iron pan is ideal for creating desserts of all flavours.

The roundness of the dish adds an attractive circular edge to the cake, or if you are wanting to bake a fresh homemade loaf, your dish allows the edge of the loaf to crisp to perfection.

Whether making a pancake, Victoria sponge cake or whipping up a fresh loaf of banana bread, your cast iron dish is more useful than you once thought.

Roast Dinner

Chasseur Roaster

There is no need to cook your next roast dinner in several different cooking trays, as this only adds to the amount of washing up at the end.

By cooking your meat and vegetables together in your cast iron frying pan, along with creating a wonderful texture, the flavours of all the ingredients infusing are heavenly.

Versatile and exciting, there is never a dull moment when cooking with your much loved cast iron pan. If you too are now tempted to try cast iron cooking at home and are wanting to purchase yourself a Chasseur dish, then have a look at our beautiful collection.

For those who already own and love their Chasseur cast ironm, over on our website, we have some top tips on how to care for your Chasseur and delicious recipes to inspire you to get cooking!