Using an Icing Spatula for Cake Decorating

When it comes to decorating cakes, the options and opportunities are endless. Whether you strive to create breathtaking works of art that even the great masters would be proud of, or you want to present something that looks reasonably edible to your family and friends, the humble Icing Spatula is a must-have tool for any baker. 

Why you need to invest in an Icing Spatula for cake decorating

Funnily enough, buttercream has a similar sort of texture to some paints, and so can be worked similarly. It’s not runny, yet it’s also malleable enough that you can glide it onto your baked goods and decorate your cake with ease.

An Icing Spatula is great for those who are looking for full cake coverage as it allows you to spread buttercream or icing across the entire surface of the cake. Being a utensil that is both long and wide, even if you’ve baked an unusually large cake or have several layers, you can get the entire cake covered in no time and can use the Icing Spatula to help create the look and finish you desire. 

Icing Spatula decorating in a number of styles

Many novice bakers may assume that an Icing Spatula can only create a smooth covering on a cake. However, learn to wield this tool correctly, and you can create a variety of different finishes depending on what you have got in mind for your tasty creation. There are lots of different methods that you can use, so whether you want a completely smooth, glossy, wrinkle-free surface or are looking for something more textured, the possibilities are endless with a good quality Icing Spatula. 

So what are some of the artistic edible creations you could conjure using your Icing Spatula?

How to use an Icing Spatula for cake decorating

By deliberately applying buttercream in non-linear directions, you create a wonderful sense of movement that can be used as a backdrop for many different designs. Seascapes or nature designs such as flowers and fields work particularly well using this method.

By gently flicking your knife as you apply buttercream, you create a more subtle rise, and the pattern gently ebbs and flows. Doing so enables you to create a lovely designer style that you can then accentuate with bold, bright decorations to make your cake even more fabulous.

You can also try alternating your buttercream layers by using broad sweeping strokes as a background layer then switching to lighter flicks to create different designs. Rather than becoming reliant on additional decorations to add wow factor, you can instead use the buttercream itself to create an artistic scene, and you are sure to impress the lucky recipient with your amazing creativity and artistic skill!

An Icing Spatula can also be used to apply buttercream to create a somewhat more romantic look. To achieve this, you must purposefully apply the cream in an irregular way along the sides of the different layers of your cake. Pair with some puffy piping around the edges, and you’ll pull off a gorgeous, dreamy, rustic look that is almost too good to eat.

Remember that you can use your Icing Spatula with coloured icing to significant effect too. If, for example, you are hoping to achieve a more whimsical look, you could apply different colours of swirls by twisting your palette knife and adding rainbow sprinkles to the peaks for a carefree sense of fun that a child would particularly enjoy.

Invest in a top quality Icing Spatula today!

Hopefully, the above is enough to convince you that even if you are new to baking, an Icing Spatula is a must-have tool that will make decorating your cakes not only more straightforward but also a lot more enjoyable too! So next time you want to bake a cake, for whatever occasion, make sure you have your top-quality Icing Spatula handy and let your creativity and imagination run wild!