How To Use Chopsticks

A versatile and traditional Asian utensil, using chopsticks can be a tricky and tiring task. Whether used as a fork, knife, set of tongs, whisk or as a steamer stand in your wok, they are a valued and handy tool. But never been shown how to use chopsticks?

A challenge worth learning, when mastering the art of eating with chopsticks, a sense of pride and achievement is often felt.

If struggling with grasping this task, before throwing the chopsticks to the side and reaching for a fork, give our how to guide on eating chopsticks a read.


Step 1

With the hand you intend to use, loosely hold your chopsticks. Place the first one into the valley between your thumb and your first finger, balancing on your 3rd (ring) finger.


Step 2

Taking your second chopstick, place it into the valley between the thumb and the first finger, this time balancing on your middle finger.


Step 3

Move them up and through your fingers until they feel comfortable and you have a good grip on them. Use your thumb, first and middle gingers to grasp and control the chopsticks, with a firmer grip on the second chopstick.


Step 4

When using your chopsticks, the bottom one remains less stationary than the top chopstick, with your first and middle fingers doing all the heavy lifting with the top one.


Step 5

With your first and middle fingers, move the top one up and down to open and close them while reaching for your item of food whilst keeping a loose grip.

Incredibly simple and satisfying to master, if you still struggle with our how to guide, then we have the perfect tool for you.

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