How to eat healthier without compromising on taste

We all love the idea of healthy eating but are unsure how this should be followed. It often feels that tasty, mouth-watering food goes hand in hand with high sugar or acidity levels. Balancing the fine line of health and flavour can seem impossible, but we have the solution. At Dexam we believe in the importance of healthy eating while maintaining a delicious diet. Here’s how!

fishEat more fish!

Full of vital vitamins and antioxidants, fish is a super food that we should all be eating. Without overdosing on these important vitamins, find a way to add fish to your diet for its improved benefits. Able to improve the appearance and quality of your skin and hair, omega-3 can also prevent heart disease but continue to keep your body functioning and healing with ease.

Don’t skip breakfast!

We have all heard the saying before, but breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of the day. Helping you to perform better, to make the most of the day ahead and to live a full life, be sure to have breakfast as part of your healthy eating diet.

Eat less salt.

At Dexam, we have previously spoken about the need to reduce our salt intake . With a huge health effects caused by the high intake of salt, reduce the amount of salt that you consume for a healthier you. Increasing your chances of blood pressure and heart disease; there are many other ways that you can season your dinner. By skipping the salt and seasoning with spices, you can create a delicious but healthy dinner that puts your healthy eating first.

Say no to condiments.

We all love a bit of ketchup or brown sauce. Whether smeared between bacon or sausage in a bap, we cannot get enough of our chosen sauces. From mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise or brown sauce, they all hold huge implications on our health. Containing excess sugar and fat, make one change and naturally spice up the flavour of your food. Instead opt for spices or pepper, adding a natural flavouring to improve the ease of your healthy eating.

Base meals around starchy carbohydrates.

Often viewed like the plague, instead of shying away for starchy carbohydrates, embrace them and plan a whole meal around them. From potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals and bread, add ingredients around these staples to create a delicious dinner. Often viewed as being fattening, these ingredients on their own are fine, it is however the condiments that you add to it that increase the overall fat and calorie count.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake.


We all know that we should be increasing our intake of vegetables and fruit. Adding fruit to dishes can be an exciting way avoid snacking. From bananas added to your breakfast or served up for dessert. Vegetables are also easier to add to your diet than you originally thought.  Cut up your favourite sweet potato and turn it into an exciting sweet potato toast for breakfast. Using fruit and vegetables throughout your diet will make healthy eating colourful and vibrant!

For those cooks that are needing a little inspiration to put into practice these simple rules, head over to our website. We recommend a large range of delicious recipes, allowing you to change the way that you eat. By changing the food that you consume, you can transform your taste buds, seeing a transformation in your body and your energy levels. To make the most out of life and to live life to the fullest, food plays a substantial part. Make sure to watch what ingredients you cook with, and create deliciously yummy dishes that the whole family will love and that will love them back!