Have a slow cooked Christmas

Winter is a fantastic time for many. No matter whether you love or loathe the chill there is something magical about wrapping yourself up and stepping out into the cold, battling against the wind in search of Christmas gifts for loved ones.

One aspect we love most about the winter season, along with the opportunity to gorge on hot chocolate and mountains of marshmallows, is the increase of slow cooked meals.

Slow cooked casseroles scream winter and there is nothing quite like spending a Sunday all cuddled up, nursing the creation of a warm and hearty beef casserole with suet dumplings.

When it comes to slow cooking, there is much more than casseroles to be created. In this blog, we will share with you our favourite slow cooked meals and beverages which we believe will make your winter even merrier.

mulled wine

Festive mulled wine

Winter to us is symbolised by mulled wine, hot chestnuts and Christmas trees; if you are wanting to make your home a little more festive on the run up to Christmas, our traditional mulled wine is right up your street.

Whether you are sitting in front of the fire or up late secretly wrapping presents, a mug of warm homemade mulled wine will go down a treat.

Our festive recipe can be served plain with anise stars and cinnamon sticks or spiced up with a hit of gin depending on your mood.

Venison Casserole

Slow cooked venison casserole

As we have previously explained, for us nothing says winter on a plate than a hot steaming casserole served in our favourite French cast iron.

If like us a slow cooked casserole is served almost weekly during the colder months, why not spoil the family and treat them to a special venison casserole.

This slow cooked game dish served with carrots and mushrooms is an alternative take on a popular dish and makes a tender and flavourful option to the classic beef.

Served alongside potatoes and a large glass of red wine, we cannot wait to get the whole family together to enjoy this dish.

Christmas pudding

Cast iron Christmas pudding

For those who like to prepare their traditional Christmas pudding at the end of November during Stir-up Sunday or who find themselves in a panic on Christmas eve, our simple recipe to making your Christmas pudding is invaluable.

For those who enjoy the traditional pudding but would like to create this annual dish in a steam free environment, our recipe promises to create a steam free kitchen this Christmas.

Using your Chasseur cast iron casserole dish, the definition of workhorse will finally be explained and you will have a deeper appreciation to your favourite cooking tool.

Spiced Apple Margarita         

A festive twist on a Mexican classic, this spiced margarita is sure to get you feeling warm and merry in no time.

With a honey syrup, ground cinnamon and a anise star, this fruity cocktail will get the party started and can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Next time that you find yourself out carolling, entertaining frozen guests or preparing the Christmas dinner, do it with a spiced apple margarita.                  small