Going Ape for Monkeys

BorisEveryone at our head office in Midhurst is on about monkeys at the moment. Monkey2016Something about this year being the Year of the Monkey in China. Personally, I much prefer the idea of Rabbits, and would be quite happy if every year was the Year of the Rabbit. Or the mole. Or the pheasant. Or the Industrial Estate Cat. Monkeys live in trees, which is not helpful if you are equipped with 4 paws.

Apparently, it's all about a new project we've got going with a really nice TV chef called Jeremy Pang from the School of Wok in Covent Garden. JeremyHe came to the office the other day and taught some of us how to make Dim Sum and Stir Fry in our amazing new steamers and woks.

My main interest was to be behind and below a couple of the less clever 'tossers', who regularly deposited the contents of their woks on the floor, and kept me busy that way.

But they're all excited about it now, as the container that's got the first consignment on board is on its way to Southampton, and will be with us soon. Back at home, Roger and Caroline are testing out the recipes in chinese unchoppedJeremy's book 'Chinese Unchopped', and I have to say that they are slowly getting better. They still get quantities wrong from time to time, which means my mum and I are getting quite a taste for Oriental Cuisine.


Which brings us neatly back to the Rabbit, and reminds me that I have work to do in the garden before it gets dark.