Get the whole family cooking with Scion Living

Christmas is the one time of the year where the whole family gets together to create a memorable day, jolly or not.

During the holiday, it may feel like getting everybody to help out with the festivities is an impossible task, with the children wanting to stay curled up on the sofa in front of the television.

Next time you are huddled in the kitchen slaving away over the Christmas dinner and baking up some tasty festive treats for the kids, we have the answer to getting everyone involved, the new Scion Living Collection.


One small change could transform Christmas forever; with the help of the cheeky Mr Fox and his pal Spike the Hedgehog, your kitchen will soon become the place to be and the hub of all activity.

The new Scion Living Collection is out, and our favourite character is back causing mischief and mayhem in kitchens across the country.

Family favourite Mr Fox is guaranteed to help bring families together and get everybody baking this winter.

From helping their parents to peel the potatoes to cutting the gingerbread mix before placing into the oven, with the fun and fashionable magical animal apron, your children will be excited to help out with the cooking.

scion living

For children that love to bake and want to get mixing their next cake, add a bit of colour and playfulness into your kitchen with the bright blue electronic Mr Fox scales.

The fun and funky blue electronic scales come with a matching blue silicone spatula and Mr Fox worktop saver, protecting your surfaces from any catastrophic damage that you are foreseeing.

Coming in a range of colours, Mr Fox and Spike the Hedgehog are on hand, helping to teach your little ones the importance of cooking and making this life lesson more fun and appealing.

If you like the idea of getting the whole family together cooking this winter, look at the Scion Living collection or our recipe pages for some influential and inspiring recipes that the whole family are going to love.

For those wanting to start baking together but want an easy challenge, why not try the delicious and festive Christmas gingerbread biscuits.