Get ahead and be on trend this New Year

Food trends are never for the faint hearted, with different palates opting for different flavours. While one persons’ favourite flavour may in fact be your marmite, something you loathe.

Food trends may appear and fade depending on the seasons, the predicted trends of 2018 are set to create a healthier and happier you. With mushrooms and tacos featuring a pleasant appearance in the trends of next year, the overrated kale will be taking a back seat.



At Dexam we have shouted and screamed about the many magical powers mushrooms contain. From reducing depression, anxiety and preventing dementia; mushrooms are the secret cure featuring in the ingredient lists for everything from coffee to bottled drinks.

It may be a surprise for you to hear but mushroom cappuccinos could be a huge hit in the upcoming year. With their subtle earthy tones, fused with the rich flavours of cocoa, chocolate and coffee, you can create magical notes or add your favourite species to a warm broth for a quick health kick.

It is not just in our beverages and meals that you can expect to find these delightfully versatile fungi, but expect them to pop up in haircare, soaps and many more body products.


Although tacos themselves are common, the thought of tacos for desserts seems rather revolutionary.

You may find a Taco Tuesday rather old and dated, but the taco as you know it is going on an exciting adventure. With experts in the field of food trends expecting to see a surge in sweet dessert tacos; 2018 should also see a rise in seaweed shell tacos and grain-free tortillas for all those wanting to be extra healthy and take care of their inner health.

Chasseur tagine

Middle Eastern flavours

With middle eastern food becoming more widespread, 2018 will see a huge hike in its popularity. Expect to see a lot more of cardamom, harissa and za’atar spices on restaurant menus or on the shelves of your local supermarket.

With pita bread and hummus being so old fashioned and last year, cooking up a trendy middle eastern dish will involve more research of culinary traditions.

Looking at popular dishes from Syria, Lebanon and Morocco, be on the lookout for spiced tomato jam, slow cooked lamb dishes and shakshuka, a dish of poached eggs in a spiced tomato sauce.

Plant- based alternatives

The rise of plant based meat will be in full height in 2018, with people turning their back to Quorn based products.

No more Quorn mince or bean burgers for me, no I want soy and pea protein chicken strips. Taking the appearance of chicken, these plant based meat alternatives are great for those wanting to reduce their meat intake or give up meat altogether.

With plant based burger and sushi becoming more readily available, there seems to be no feasible argument to refuse to give up meat even for one day.

If you were tempting to try those super healthy grain-free tacos, why not give the plant based mince a go and see how lifelike it tastes, or jazz it up and turn it into a feisty chilli con carne.

edible flowers

Flower power

A trend that has been plaguing restaurants for the last few years, is the garnishing of dessert dishes with cute little edible flowers.

While for some the trend of edible flowers maybe tiring, edible flowers are going nowhere anytime soon. With consumers now being able to purchase these little delights in large supermarkets, the decoration of food with a floral touch will become more popular and those who always dreamt about decorating their own desserts with a touch of colour, this dream has just become a reality.

It is not just the sprinkling of little flowers onto your plate that will become popular during 2018, but also the rise of a distinctive floral flavour, added to beverages hot or cold. From pink hibiscus teas, elderflower cocktails and lavender lattes, we cannot wait to get experimenting and trying out this new trend.


Super powders

You may not have noticed the rise of super powders such as maca, matcha, cacao, turmeric and spirulina which are often spotted in the ingredients of tasty smoothies. These super powders as they are known will be making an impact, potentially replacing coffee as a alternative energy boost.

One of the biggest effects of these super powders is their power to protect and maintain the appearance of your skin and hair with the help of their high level of vitamins and antioxidants contained in the mixture.