Forest and Forge, Superior British Made Knives

forestand forge carving knife

We all use them, filling our draws with them. Whether we opt for appearance or a sharp blade, the feel of the handle is also a choosing factor. From silicone, stainless steel to smooth wood, what handle you choose is up to you and purely a personal choice.

Classic is style and attractive to look at, wood is a top choice of handle when shopping for a new set of knives. An essential tool in the kitchen, many professional chefs swear by the importance of a sharp set of knives when cooking up a master piece.

Quality, British made knives

For those not quite satisfied in their level of cooking or wanting to improve their skills when cooking in the kitchen, consider a new set of quality knives. At Dexam we are all about quality, durability and performance and a brand of knives that we swear by is Forest and Forge.

A superior quality of British made knives, each Forest and Forge knife is created using wind damaged boughs from forest estates in Malton in North Yorkshire. By using responsibly managed wood, along with being a more environmentally friendly method of creating desirable kitchen knives, it also creates a completely personal touch to each knife. With the wood being taken from different knives that have fallen, each handle has its own unique wood grains and the same wood can feature in different colour shades. No two knives from the Forest and Forge collection will ever be identical, making this an exciting and unique collection of knives.

Sharp, Sheffield Steel

An enjoyment to hold, the way that the collection performs can amaze even a professional. A pleasure to cut with, the blade has been designed, crafted in Sheffield for maximum results. Made from Rockwell 53-55 Stainless Steel, the blades promise a smooth, sharp and tidy cut.


From the Paring Knife to the Santoku Knife, the steel used brings a blend of sharpness and longevity at a premium standard.

Engraved gift

If you are a chef who enjoys choosing a knife most suited to your cooking style, or perhaps you are looking for the ultimate gift to spoil someone that you love with. Whether given as an individual knife or as a whole collection, make your gift personal and get their name engraved onto the blade. When you get a name engraved, it takes 5 days to complete and costs only £5, shipping the gift either to you or the recipient inside its smart, black gift box.

A popular choice, we have decided to expand our collection of Forest and Forge knives. New to the range is the Yew Carving Fork and Knife, along with the Walnut Sharpening Steel. These three additions join the rest of the collection which features: a Cherry Paring Knife, Horse Chestnut Utility Knife, Olive Ash Cook’s Knife, Beech Santoku Knife and Spalted Beech Bread Knife.

Wired Knife Trials

Evidence of the superior quality that is Forest and Forge can be seen in our Chef’s Knife being voted the best kitchen knife by two top sashimi chefs. Head Chef Hideki Hiwatashi from Sake No Hana and his colleague Chef Thapa tested 7 Chef’s Knives before announcing Forest and Forge as the winner! Taking only 12 seconds to make sashimi, Hideki Hiwatashi described the knife as being perfectly aligned, sturdy and durable. ideal for using in a busy kitchen while above all being comfortable to use.

If the Forest and Forge range appeals to you or you want to improve your cooking skills, invest in quality tools that will last the test of time. Head over to our website to take a look at this premium British made knife range in more detail and find a knife suited to your cooking needs.

To take a look at the Wired knife trial and to see the results from Head Chef Hideki Hiwatashi, visit their website.