Forest and Forge Limited Edition Bog Oak Knife

A limited edition knife, you may be wondering what is bog oak?

A new chef's knife from our award winning Forest and Forge knife collection, here at Dexam we will be selling a limited number of these one of a kind knives.

With only 25 available, each knife will retail for £150 each, but what makes these knives so special and why should you invest in our Forest and Forge Bog Oak knives?

What is Bog Wood?

Also referred to as abonos or morta, Bog Wood is a term for wood that has been buried in a peat bog for hundreds or thousands of years.

By the wood being buried in a bog, lake or bog like environment, the lack of oxygen in those conditions can protect the wood from decay, instead preserving and tanning the colour of the wood.

The acidic condition of the bog results in the salts and minerals reacting with the tannins in the wood, this over time will turn the Bog Wood to a distinct dark brown / black shade.

What wood is Bog Wood?

With Bog Wood being a term used to describe the wood, English Oak is the most common species of wood found from bogs.

With many different specialises of wood salvaged from bogs across the UK, English Oak has been the most discovered, followed by Yew and Pine.

What makes Bog Oak so special?

Bog Oak when salvaged from bogs has begun an early stage of fossilisation. Further stages of  fossilisation of the Bog Oak include forming jet, lignite and coal.

With the wood darkened and preserved from the low-oxygen environment, the wood has been kept in a premium state. Along with being a superior quality of the wood, Bog Oak is also in limited supply and due to this, prices are high when it comes to purchasing Bog Oak.

Rare in quantity, Bog Oak has previously been compared to having the same value as expensive tropical hardwoods.

What is Bog Wood used for?

Along with being turned into a premium chef’s knife as part of our Sheffield made Forest and Forge collection, there are many options when it comes to using Bog Wood.

Often used as an ornament, Bog Wood can be found in many aquariums as a hiding space for fish. The placing of the wood into water will allow the wood to release tannins into the water, turning the water brown.

Bog Wood has also been used for jewellery and tobacco pipes. With a high level of minerals, Bog Wood has a high resistant to burning while providing an added natural flavour when smoking tobacco.

A limited edition and one of a kind knife, our Forest and Forge Bog Oak knives are truly something special.

Salvaged from Lincolnshire, this Bog Oak has been darkened and fossilised with minerals, helping to preserve the wood. Along with a rare and hard to come by wooden handle, Forest and Forge is made to the highest standards. With a sharp and tough steel blade, our Forest and Forge blades are forged from Sheffield Steel for a superior quality.

Made from Rockwell 53-55 steel, featured is a high carbon content for sharpness and longevity. A high chrome content has also been included, this has been added for quality and hardness, helping to maintain the sharp edge.

A quality knife, using Forest and Forge is an enjoyment, promising a clean and crisp cut every time.

Smooth to hold, Forest and Forge has become renowned for its performance in the kitchen, making this knife the perfect gift for cooks and cooking enthusiasts. Available here at Dexam, personalise this knife and engrave 20 characters onto the blade for just £5! Creating a meaningful touch, by engraving the blade you can give a gift that can be treasured for years to come.

To purchase this piece of history and to own a one of a kind Bog Oak knife, visit Dexam today to avoid missing out!