Father's Day

Lots of excitement round here about Father’s Day. Men in the office looking pleased with themselves and generally going on about how much they care. If you ask me, the one thing they care about is that their families get off down to the off license before it closes, so that Father’s Day can be celebrated in ‘the traditional way’.


beer fathers day

Myself, I don’t really get it. I live with my (single) mother. When I ask her about Dad, she gets all coy and says her memory is a bit sketchy. She seems to remember that something happened, but can’t be too clear about it all. All she knows is that we have never clapped eyes on him since. ‘But that’s men for you,’ she says, rolling her eyes.

I asked if I would be a Dad one day, and get celebrated myself, but everyone went around looking a bit guilty. ‘Technically speaking, probably not,’ said Roger, and that was that.


If anyone is interested, a simple bone would do the trick for me.bone present