Embrace Hygge this New Year

Even the most reclusive and trend oblivious have been influenced by the hugely important trend from Denmark over the past couple of years.

Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-guh’ is a lifestyle trend that values the importance of remaining comfortable and taking the time to appreciate the smaller things. Whether that be spending quality time with friends and loved ones or enjoying the moment and snuggling up with a mug of hot chocolate in front of the fire. Hygge can be anything, from the textiles you use to decorate your sofa, to the activities you plan with friends in the evening, or making sure that you leave work at 5 o’clock on the dot every day.

To start embracing Hygge in your life, simply start from a place of comfort. Whether it’s a candle-lit cosy evening in, curled up on the sofa reading your latest novel, or just cuddling up under a soft woolly throw with your loved ones this winter.

Another fun way to add some Hygge to your life is by changing what you eat. By focusing on tasty dishes that are warming and mindful, you may just appreciate your food more and begin to eat slower at dinner time.

If you are planning or considering eating more Hygge this New Year for a warmer, more cheerful January, here are five top ways that you can add Hygge to your plate.

wild mushroom risotto

Go wild

It is traditional in Denmark to move to a diet with a large focus on wild vegetables during the winter months. This is when the bounty from the Autumn’s harvest really pays off, with berries for warm and welcoming crumbles or vegetables and mushrooms for hearty risottos. Winter dishes are never boring with such treats from the year’s last harvest.

Slow down and savour the moment

One of the biggest parts of Hygge that can be incorporated across different aspects of your day, is the importance of slowing down and savouring every moment whatever you’re doing. By slowing down and turning off any mobile phones or televisions around you, you can enjoy the full flavours of your dish and fully appreciate all those hidden textures that you were unaware existed.

Add some spice

When the weather turns colder and the days get darker, our food tends to turn heavier with a darker palate. Why not brighten up your winter by adding some spice to the dish, adding flavour, colour and electricity to those dull winter months. Whether it’s adding ginger and cardamom to a dish, dunking a stick of cinnamon in your coffee, or the use of cloves and orange zest for mulled wine, be sure to intensify your winter palate with spices for a deeper flavour experience. If you embrace winter as a magical time like ourselves, these ingredients help remind us of the excitement and cosy memories of Christmas past.

Presentation is key

The way we present our meals is an important part in how we respond to what we are eating. By using clean, stylish dinnerware and herb garnishing, you can process and enjoy the meal before even taking a bite. Giving you more time to appreciate the creation in front of you.

hot chocolate

Treat yourself

Wanting to indulge in dessert but are worried of feeling guilty? By opting for a healthy dessert option, you can have the best of both worlds and spoil yourself with a sweet and not so naughty treat. It may feel that a healthy dessert is just not feasible, which is of course incorrect as there are many healthy alternatives ranging from cute little muffins to an inviting fruit with cashew cream dessert.

If you are wanting to add some Hygge to your diet this winter, nothing beats authentic homemade cooking with cast iron cookware for warm, hearty meals ladled with spices and wild vegetables. Take a look at our collection of Chasseur to inspire you to cook up some appetising meals for cosy evenings in with family and friends this New Year.

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