Dexam, saving the environment, one order at a time.

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Climate change is all around us, a fact that can no longer be ignored. From saving energy by reducing the amount you boil a kettle, cycling one day instead of driving to reduce your carbon footprint, to making sure that you recycle and reduce the growing number of plastic bags that you have hoarded in cupboards around the house. Making sure that every decision you consciously make has a positive effect on the surrounding environment can be hard work and it can sometimes feel like the forces are stacked against us.

At Dexam we want nothing more than to reduce our overall carbon footprint and we think we have found a way. Known for promoting the Mighty Mug and are big supporters in owning a reusable coffee or water bottle, we also believe household across the country could be working hard to reuse and reduce their amount of food waste.

Climate change is another aspect that as consumers we have become accustomed to hearing, the constant cries to change our purchasing habits. At Dexam, we have made it our mission to cut back on waste wherever possible, and we have found one solution that we are particularly proud of. When you place an order through our wonderful website, you will receive a package protected with Eco Chips.

Not yet heard about Eco chips? Eco Chips are a revolutionary form of packing chips made with the latest technology. Used when posting fragile items, our Eco Chips are bio-degradable and compostable, protecting your items without endangering the health of the Earth. Made from sustainable, GM-free starch, disposing our Eco-Chips is quick and easy to do.

By placing the chips into either a sink or a bath, run warm water over the Eco-Chips, watching as they melt and are washed away down the pipes. The starch that the Eco-Chips is made from is not harmful and any remaining residue is not harmful and safe for the environment.

Do your bit, contributing towards protecting the health of the environment and be confident that when you place an order with Dexam, your parcel will contain protective Eco-Chips, easy to destroy without creating a future effect on the surrounding environment.