Dessert tacos, the latest food trend

One fresh new food trend of 2018 and one that has become rather addictive; this sweet twist on a Mexican classic is a ton of fun to try out.

Start the new year by swapping out your regular black bean and avocado with fruit layers mixed with Nutella for a delightfully guilty taste twist.


Here are our top recommendations for inspiration on experiementing with the trending dessert, sweet tacos.

  • Choco taco

Without a doubt one of our most favourite taco flavours, filled with all things naughty and nice. Start with a humble taco and fill it with ice cream of your favourite flavour, vanilla being the classic and most complementing. On the outside of the taco shells spread a thick layer of chocolate sauce and with your chopped peanuts, sprinkle a layer of nuts onto the chocolate sauce, creating a cornetto effect. Once you have finished decorating your masterpiece, place the taco into the freezer so that the ice-cream can refreeze before enjoying the final masterpiece.

  • Chocolate tortillas with a fresh fruit filling

By cooking up some tortillas and adding Nutella to the mix, you can create something seriously delicious. Simply add cut up strawberries, kiwi and bananas before drizzling with honey and you will create some super sweet tacos; a simple method for dessert tacos that is ripe for experimenting.

  • Dessert tacos with a selection of fruit

The next level in upping your taco game. By making an assortment of different flavoured dessert tacos, you can tantalise your tastes buds by blending a mixture of sweet and fruity flavours.

For example, you can try a caramelised apple filling, topped with a thick layer of caramel sauce and a splodge of whipped cream. Or if you are a fan of berries, you can try a raspberry and blueberry compote, with crunchy chopped hazelnuts for a nutty texture.

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For those wanting to be adventurous and courageous with their cooking during 2018, take a look at our simple tortilla recipe, allowing you to cook your favourite Mexican dishes at home.

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