How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

Dexam's Guide on How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

A valuable, versatile dish in the kitchen, many cooks may sense a feeling of dread when it comes to first cleaning their new Chasseur cast iron dish. But, cleaning cast iron does not have to be a daunting task! Instead, you should take join in cleaning your cast iron pan - knowing you are prolonging the life of your cast iron pan. So, take a read of how to clean a cast iron pan with Dexam!

Cleaning your new Chasseur cast iron dish is much easier than you once thought. Famous for its versatility, durability and performance - however, mistreat it and it will need more maintenance. So, why not make it easy for yourself and take a read our our simple guide on cleaning cast iron.

easy cleaning cast ironSmooth enamelled finish makes cleaning cast iron easy

What makes Chasseur chip and stain resistant is the double enamelled finish. This enamelled coating is also vital and essential for those wanting quick and effortless cleaning.

No matter how badly food appears to be burnt onto the surface of your casserole dish, be confident in scrub free cleaning.

With the help of this enamelled coating, when hand cleaning your Chasseur in warm water, burnt food will be effortlessly wiped off without a second scrub. For those who prefer to use their dishwasher, then you are in luck.

By placing your beloved Chasseur into the dishwasher to clean, along with being safe to use inside of this handy machine, your cast iron dish will be squeaky clean when removed.

How to clean a hot cast iron skillet

This is recommended! Cleaning your cast iron dish when hot is recommended when cooking with a cast iron frying pan.

By placing your hot pan into water before food left at the bottom of the pan has had time to stick, you have time to scrub and remove food before they become stuck for good. Scrub the pan straight away, making sure to not to leave the pan soaking in the sink for too long as this can cause the cast iron to rust.

Dry thoroughly when cleaning cast iron

Once clean, make sure to thoroughly dry your cast iron pan. Essential, by drying your pan you can eliminate the risk of rusting. To be confident that your pan is thoroughly dry, pop your pan into the oven on a low heat.

cleaning cast iron with oilCleaning cast iron with oil

Once dry, keep your pan in top condition and oil before reusing. Using a kitchen towel and oil, wipe oil around the inside of the pan before buffing off any excess oil.


Can you wash cast iron with soap?

There is only one rule to use when cleaning non-enamelled cast iron, and that is to clean  without the use of washing up liquid! However, you can use soap as it won't wash away the oil like washing up liquid will.

If this rule is forgotten, and washing up liquid is used when cleaning, do not panic, re-seasoning of your pan may be all that is required to restore the condition of your pan. 

Cleaning cast iron and saying goodbye to rust

If rust has developed in the inside of your pan, remove rust quickly with these two superb methods. You could use either a steel wool, or take half a raw potato, sprinkle some baking soda into the pan before scrubbing away with the half of the potato. Unbelievably this method to rust removal works and is a superb way to quickly restore the condition of your pan.

Cleaning your Chasseur cast iron dishes is surprisingly easier than you once thought. No longer daunting or terrifying, when it comes to cleaning your Chasseur, clean your Chasseur the correct way for a lifetime of delicious dishes. Instead of shying from this popular style of cooking, embrace slow cooking and discover the joy of cooking with Cast Iron.

Have you tried our guide on how to a clean cast iron pan? To expand your cast iron collection or to embrace this style of cooking, visit our Chasseur collection available at Dexam today.