What is Cinco de Mayo?

homemade beef enchiliadas As you may have noticed at Dexam, we are all about cooking and enjoying Mexican cuisine . Loving nothing more than fresh guacamole or homemade tacos, get the summer started with some added spice.

But why are we getting so excited about Mexican cuisine? Is it the approach of the summer, the excitement of long lazy days spent basking in the sun, or perhaps it’s the approach of Cinco de Mayo?

What is Cinco de Mayo i hear you ask? A national celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire during the Battle of Puebla, this is a time to celebrate everything that Mexico does so well.

From tequila, the production of avocados and the wonderfully cheerful sound of mariachi bands, all are a fantastic starting point to begin your appreciation of all things Mexican. Why is Cinco de Mayo such an historical event?

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Often mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is one of the most important national holidays in Mexico. This annual event held every May celebrates the nations army conquering at the Battle of Puebla. The battle took place on May 5th 1862 and was predicted to be an automatic failure for the Mexicans. This was far from the case, with the Mexicans winning the battle.

This battle of Puebla, a town West of Mexico City took place during the French occupation and the winning of this battle was a small victory that the Mexicans experienced. The celebrations of the Mexican army's win was short lived before the French returned with over 30,000 troops to later defeat and capture Mexico City.

The significance of this win is more important than we can imagine. Being able to defeat a well-prepared army while also being outnumbered is a remarkable achievement.  This battle also signified the fact that no other country in the Americas was invaded by a European army since the Battle of Puebla took place.

How can you go about celebrating Cinco de Mayo and the significance of Mexico’s win at the Battle of Puebla?

By gathering all your nearest and dearest and cooking a banquet, with tables piled high of your favourite Mexican dishes, you too can appreciate all that you love about this Latin American country. Whether you choose to cheat and book a table at your favourite Mexican restaurant, paying for the luxury of perfectly made tacos made by an experienced chef in this artful skill. Or instead experimenting and attempting to make your own beef enchiladas to starting the day on a good foot with a scrumptious huevos rancheros. No matter your plans tequilafor celebrating this year’s Cinco de Mayo, make sure that you celebrate in style and with a strong Margarita firmly in hand!

Take a look at our recipe pages for some inspiration, making you want to get cooking a feast this Cinco de Mayo. Hurra!