How to season a wok

Are you struggling to care for your wok?  Are you unsure about how to season a wok? Many who purchase a new wok are often left unsure and confused when they discover that their pan has gone rusty. By following these short and easy steps, you can be confident that your wok is in tip-top condition and safe to use.

how to season a wokPreparation for using your wok

Before using your wok for the first time, you will need to season it. By taking time to season the wok you will increase the wok’s longevity and improve its overall performance.

Most carbon steel woks come with an anti-rust layer protecting the pan from corroding whilst in storage. By not removing the entire protective layer, you may discover that the bottom of your wok has created a nasty burn on the top of your hob, so the importance of preparing your wok is essential.

Before beginning to cook with your wok, you will need to remove this protective layer not just from the outside, but also from the inside of your pan. To remove the protective layer, you will first need to wash the wok with hot water before thoroughly drying the pan.

To discover whether the protective layer has been correctly removed, when touching the surface of the wok it should feel rough in your hands.

If the wok feels smooth, you can be confident that the protective layer has not been removed properly and will need to be washed again.

How to season your wok

Over a high heat hold your pan by the handle until it turns a dark grey/blue colour. Once the wok has changed colour, remove from the heat and allow to cool down. Once cool rub cooking oil around the entire inside surface of the wok.

When there is a layer of oil coating the inside of the wok return the wok to a medium-low heat for around 10 minutes until smoke appears. You can be sure that your new pan is ready to be used when all the smoke has evaporated and your wok is a permanent dark grey/ black colour.

how to season a wokHow to look after and care for your wok

After you have seasoned your wok so that it is ready to be used, taking care of your wok is incredibly easy, but by making sure that it is well maintained, your pan has a long life ahead.

After using and cleaning your wok, be sure to always thoroughly dry the wok, never leaving it damp, once dry apply a thin layer of oil over the inside and outside of your wok, before wiping off any un-needed oil.

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