British Sandwich Week 2019: Which sandwich filling is best?

Are you ready for British Sandwich Week? Taking place from the 19th-26th May, this week-long event has been designed for you to celebrate,and appreciate all that is the humble sandwich!

From a quick desk lunch to a sandwich when on the go, a sandwich is a top British go to option for those wanting a fail-safe lunch to remove pesky hunger pangs.

A nationwide debate, British Sandwich Week has highlighted and deepened tensions over which sandwich filling is the best.

Whether you prefer your sandwich as cheese and chutney, ham and mustard or as a classic BLT, we take a look at the top sandwich fillings, inspiring your British Sandwich Week!

With over hundred different filling options for you to use in your next sandwich, here are our top sandwich fillings.

Cheese and Tomato

Viewed as a staple, you cannot go wrong with a cheese and tomato sandwich. Pairing your favourite cheese with a fresh and just ripe tomato, this sandwich is made with a thin layer of butter on bread of your choice.


Apple Slaw

While you may not be a fan of Apple Slaw, studies have shown that this is a top sandwich filling enjoyed by many. With a mix made from mayonnaise, lemon juice alongside grated cheese, apple and finely chopped spring onion, this sandwich is light and filling option for those on the go.


Tuna Mayonnaise

A fishy favourite! Whether you choose to have your tuna just with mayonnaise or layer it up with some added sweetcorn, this tuna filling is a favourite for those on the go looking for a flavoursome lunch to get excited about.


Peanut Butter

Nutty and fun, peanut butter is not just for children. Enjoyed by all ages, add some crunch to your day and get eating a peanut butter sandwich. We love ours on white bread, delicious!


Smoked salmon and cream cheese

White, brown, granary and baps, no matter your preference of bread for your sandwich, smoked salmon and cream cheese suits it all. Freshly caught and smoked to your choice, add some additional freshness and serve with spring onion and fresh salad leaves


Ham Salad

Thin slices of supermarket ham or a thick home smoked slice, partner your favourite ham with some fresh mixed lettuce leaves. For an added kick for those who prefer some added heat, we recommend adding a layer of mustard for some much-desired heat.


Egg mayonnaise

A classic sandwich option, egg mayonnaise is a top choice for those unsure what to choose at the chilled section in their local café. Whether dressed up with a sprinkle of water cress or a layer of bacon, egg mayonnaise makes the ideal sandwich anytime of the day.


Ham and Cheese

A fail-safe option for those wanting a sandwich they can be confident that they will enjoy, there is something warming and welcoming with a ham and cheese sandwich.

Served straight up or toasted on white bread, add some much-needed lettuce, tomato and onions into the sandwich for substance.


Sausage sarnie

What may feel like the ultimate morning sandwich, a sausage sarnie has been voted top sandwich in recent polls. Whether combined with tomato or brown sauce, you cannot go wrong with a sausage sarnie!

Food trends may continuously be changing and developing as the years go by, but what this research tells us, is that when it comes to sandwiches, classic is king!

From a cheese and tomato to a morning sausage sarnie, for a sandwich that you can be confident that you will enjoy, we recommend choosing one of our classic flavours.


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