Brain Health

With the population of the UK taking time out of their busy lives to enjoy Time For A Cuppa, an event that sees the country get together to enjoy a cup of tea, biscuit and a good natter while supporting Dementia UK.

By taking the time out of your ordinary routine to contribute to a good cause while spending time with close friends and relatives, you can help to raise money to support the cause of the charity and allow nurses to continue to stand beside affected families in their time of need. To help support and join in on this national campaign, get brewing your kettle and start fundraising between the 1st and 8th March.

Along with supporting this worthy cause, if you are looking for a way to reduce your own chances of dementia later on in life, there is one solution. By changing your diet and watching what food you consume, you can help to reduce your chances of dementia and improve the overall quality of your life by eating a healthier and more nutritious diet.

By adding these simple ingredients into your diet, you can reverse the damage caused through ageing and slow down any age-related memory loss. Making sure that your food contains high levels of antioxidants, you can protect the condition of your cells, helping to function the running of your body.

Mexican avocado


It is thought that by eating an avocado a day you can reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes. Along with being super healthy and stuffed full of nutrients and fibre, eating the recommended avocado a day, you can increase your potassium levels and research has found that the healthy fats found in avocado can support the brains structure and blood flow. With so many health benefits, get crushing up some smashed avocado to have on toast for a healthy breakfast alternative.

Tea and Coffee

Struggle to decide whether to have a cup of tea or coffee? The choice you make has no major effect to the health of your body. Both containing high levels of antioxidants and improving your overall focus and mood, if you find yourself feeling a little down, have a cup of coffee or two. If you are feeling urges to make a hot cup of tea, herbal teas contain more antioxidants and Green Tea can activate toxin-clearing enzymes. That new teapot you have been eyeing up from our London Pottery range is looking much more appealing now that you know it can improve the quality of your health.

Sweet Potatoes

If we were honest sweet potatoes were our favourite variety of potatoes, making mouth-watering mash, chips or roasted to accompany a delicious Sunday Roast. Sweet potatoes whatever way you choose to cook them are packed full of phytonutrients, fibre and important vitamins. Next time you go to cook up a batch of sweet potatoes for your Sunday Roast, try not to feel so guilty!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Planning to do some cooking and are unsure whether to use sunflower or vegetable oil? The answer is not to use either and opt instead for cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a superb source of healthy fatty acids and nutrients. Along with being stuffed full of vital nutrients, olive oil is a perfect salad dressing, drizzle over salads for a delicious finishing touch.



Fish is the ideal source for boosting your bodies vital Omega-3 vitamins, with fish such as salmon, anchovies and sardines being the best source for Omega-3. Also be found in walnuts, chia seeds and Brussel sprouts and spinach, Omega-3 found in fish is more quickly distributed around the body, so for those wanting to be confident that they are eating a healthy amount of omega vitamins, we recommend sticking to fish.

There are many more important food sources that can improve the condition and health of your brain. Nuts, green vegetables, herbs, spices, turmeric, berries and beans are all equally important in improving the health of your brain and decreasing your chances of dementia in later years. Incorporating this vital foods into your diet is not hard and many will find that they are already eating a healthy diet, featuring many of these ingredients. For those that have realised that they are needing to add more antioxidants to their diet, by checking out our recipes, you can find hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes to help reduce your risk of dementia.

If you are considering joining and taking part in Time For A Cuppa and are needing a new teapot to entertain the friends with, take a look at our large collection of teapots that come in a selection ofshapes and sizes.