Add some flavour with infused water

During the New Year we all aim to be a healthier version of ourselves, whether that be through exercising more, eating healthier or perhaps ditching the alcohol. No matter your methods on creating the best you this New Year, one way that can make you feel more active and full of energy, is through the consumption of drinking plenty of infused water.

Stay hydrated with infused water

Water is more important to our minds and body than you originally think. From hydrating our body and restoring our mind, water is a fundamental part in running our body to its best capability.

Despite your interest or goals for the year ahead, whether that be training to run a marathon, earning a promotion at work or spending more time playing with the kids, when the time comes to perform these activities, by drinking plenty of water you can be the most active and energetic version of yourself.

To embrace a new, healthier you it is recommended that on average you should consume 2 litres of water a day. Do you struggle to drink the recommended amount of water, or perhaps you are bored of the lack of flavour and prefer something sweeter to drink? Why not try infused water?

How to create infused water

Infusing your water is straightforward and easy to do and with its simplicity you’ll wonder why you never started drinking infused water before. So how do you infuse? To do this, all you need to do is add either fruit, vegetables or spices to your cup to create a fruity, flavourful and powerful concoction.

When infusing, first things first, you must choose which fruit or vegetables you would like to flavour your water with. After adding the ingredients into a glass, use a spoon and begin to mash the ingredients to release their fruity flavours.

If you have chosen to use citrus fruits to infuse your water, remove the skin before mashing the ingredients to avoid creating a bitter taste. With the herb or spice you wish to add, place the herbs or spices alongside the fruit and gently mash. Once you have mashed the ingredients just enough to release their flavours, add the water, choosing either sparking or still depending on your style.

At Dexam, our favourite flavours for creating infused water are:

  • Strawberries- Grapefruit- Sage
  • Blood Orange- Ginger- Basil
  • Cucumber-Grapefruit-Rosemary

Creating infused water is simple and delicious and with our collection of BamBroo Mugs there really is no excuse to not drink plenty or water and add some flavour to your New Year.