6 Revolutionary Products for Student Cooking

With late nights and occasional excess, it is vitally important that students eat well and get their full five-a-day! With looming deadlines, pupils should switch their Doner Kebabs and Dominos for healthier alternatives, safe in the knowledge that sometimes the better you eat, the cheaper it is. And with our very own student cooking guide we’ll fill you in on the top student kitchen essentials!

The Student Cooking Guide with all the Revolutionary Products you Need

1. Preparation for Student Cooking is key!

Get ahead with a Sunday evening session of batch-cooking. The Chasseur Cast Iron Casserole Dish is a trademark of quality kitchen cookware and is perfect for rustling up a batch of chilli. This is a student kitchen essential that you need! 

Get your ingredients into the Casserole Dish earlier in the evening to allow them to sizzle and simmer. Slow and steady wins the race and that’s why Chasseur cast iron products provide delicious dishes. Their signature capability for slow cooking is incredibly desirable as the longer you allow a chilli to rest, the better. Once ready, you can freeze portions for meals later in the week or alternatively dish up immediately for all your friends and flatmates.

2. Wok Your Kitchen

A student cooking classic remains to be the scrumptious, and ever so easy, stir-fry. Pack your five-a-day into our Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok and get stirring and sizzling! But remember, whatever vegetables you choose to throw into your wok will wilt down with the heat, so there’s even more chance for you to double up on your necessary nutrients. What’s more, stir-fries can be one-pot dishes, which means less washing up - ideal in student digs. 

3. A Spiralizer is a Student Cooking Essential

Our Spiralizer can help any cook to redefine the way we think about what we eat. Ease, imagination and artistry define the modern stand spiralizer. It can produce uniform spirals, slices, ribbons, shoestrings, and noodles with different sized blades for different ingredients. Cutting down on carbohydrates has never been easier, as courgette can replace noodles and spaghetti, and you can create coleslaw and salads for lunch in the library with ease. The opportunity for delicious and nutritious alternatives arises with the spiralizer.

4. Revolutionise Your Rinsing!

Whether you’re preparing a Chilli or Stir-fry don’t forget to rinse your ingredients; your noodles or vegetables can be caught on New Soda’s Sinkstation Flat Colander. This versatile gadget that can be used for rinsing as well as defrosting ingredients, draining dishes or binning any unwanted choppings or peelings. So, with this multipurpose tool keep your food as well as your kitchen clean this term.

5. Blend & Enjoy

Start your day in a healthy as well as hearty way with this KitchenAid Blender. Stock up your freezer with frozen fruits and blend up any mixture to keep you going through lectures and seminars. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, it can ease your experimentation with coulies and gravies, to compliment your dinner party dishes or Sunday roasts. Or, whizz up a quick soup for lunch to keep you warm even in the wintry depths of the autumn term. The blender really is the ultimate tool for student cooking, to provide any meal for any mood - the possibilities are endless!

6. On-the-go essential

This is the tool for non-leak, air-tight containment of prepared, on-the-go drinks as well as meals. Sistema’s microwavable soup mug is incredibly versatile. Heat up last night’s leftovers; chilli, or stir fry can be stored as well as all your healthy blends. Bring it in to break from your library session for lunch and save yourself the extra expense of another supermarket meal deal. Dexam are here to help you become healthier and more money conscious this semester.

So, as you head back to uni to start the next academic year, remember: a healthy diet can affect your mind, body, and bank account! And with Dexam's ultimate Student Cooking Guide, covering the top 6 revolutionary products for university living, you can cook the classics as well as experiment in the kitchen with ease as, ultimately, the first wealth is health.