10 minutes with Goodwood Head Chef, Darron Bunn

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At Dexam we are getting super excited for the second annual Food and Racing festival at Goodwood. If you are lucky enough to be attending this exciting event, make sure to attend the Home - Grown Cooking Demos that are taking part over the weekend. One of those in attendance is the incredibly talented Darron Bunn from Goodwood’s very own restaurant, Farmer, Butcher, Chef.

We took 10 minutes out of Darron's busy routine to discuss inspiration, proudest moments and favourite dishes, this is what he had to say...

Q- What inspired you to further a career in catering?

  • The local college came to my high school to do an open day, one of the areas was a chef and a student, cooking Steak Diane on gueridon trolley, I liked his passion for how he was talking about the food, his tall hat, so I went along to the college and signed up….

Q- Which chef if any has had the biggest influence on you and your career?

  • Marco Pierre White, I worked for him for over six years, when he was in his heyday at the height of his powers in his 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant, it was extremely tough and demanding, but I learnt so much…

Q- What has been your proudest moment to date?

  • Being a dad to two brilliant children has been so rewarding.. Professionally it has to be winning my first Michelin star..

Q-  Eating out, what would be your first choice of restaurant?

  • UK – Elystan Street Anywhere – French Laundry

Q- You have a day off, how will you spend your day?

  • Fishing…

Q- What is your favourite tool in the kitchen?

  • The oldest tool.. A sharp knife…

Q- You're holding a dinner party. What would you cook your guests?

  • I would have my guests sat around the fire pit with me, drinking and chatting whilst I put various marinated things onto the grill throughout the evening, everything from marinated octopus, ribs, chicken, scallops, asparagus.. As well as some sliced meats, salads, cheeses and dressed crab.. we will just pick and chat all night..

Q- What is your favourite dish to cook for yourself?

  • For me a dry aged bavette steak, charred on the outside, with Watercress, cepe and black truffle salad

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

  • Difficult to say, I will still have the passion. I would love to set up a different style of cookery school with a syllabus that I have written with fellow industry professionals, that is properly funded. One that encourages, trains and places industry ready chefs. We are suffering at the moment to attract and retain people into our industry, I would like to try and do something about it…

Q- Any plans for the summer?  

  • I always try to visit taste of London, but other than that, our summers here are pretty full on with Festival of Speed, Qatar Goodwood Festival and the Food and Racing Festival.

If attending the Food and Racing event interests you or you are wanting to see Head Chef Darron in action at the Home - Grown Cooking Demos, be sure to attend the Food and Racing festival at Goodwood. At Dexam we are offering customers the chance to win themselves one of four pairs of tickets to the Food and Racing at the end of May. All orders placed though our website will go into an automatic draw. For more information, click here!