Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding, a staple dish in many childhoods, a rice pudding doesn’t have to be a memory of the past. By cooking up a large bowl and allowing everyone to help themselves, you can revive your love of this dish once again.

homemade rice pudding
PREP TIME 5 minutes COOK TIME 2 Hours MAKES 4
  • 2 pints to full fat milk
  • 140g of pudding rice
  • 110g of caster sugar
  • Large chunk of butter
  • Ground nutmeg

Preparation method

  1. Start by preheating the oven to 140°C.
  2. With a large ovenproof dish, butter the dish.
  3. Using a saucepan on a medium heat, add the milk and bring it to a simmer. Slowly stir in the rice and sugar before pouring the ingredients into the buttered ovenproof dish from earlier.
  4. Finish by adding a knob of butter onto the ingredients and sprinkling with ground nutmeg.
  5. Leave to bake in the oven from 1-2 hours, making sure to stir the pudding half way through baking.
  6. When serving the rice pudding, feel free to sprinkle some cinnamon or add a cinnamon stick to the dessert for extra flavour.