Designing & Developing Innovative Kitchen Products

Steve Jobs once said: ‘…I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what's next.’ That sums up how we at Dexam see life- a relentless search for the best way of doing things. If we do our job right, poor cooks become good cooks, and good cooks do what they do in less time, becoming better cooks in the process. Because, you can fry a steak. Or you can fry a steak delightfully well. You can hull a strawberry. Or you can delight yourself whilst hulling loads of strawberries. You can buy a packet of biscuits. Or you can bake your very own packet of biscuits. Part of this process is you, and part is the equipment you use. We couldn’t change you, and we certainly don’t want to start trying, but we sure as hell can work on your equipment.

The story of a Dexam product - Kitchen innovation ideas

So, we will take something like a simple cheese grater, and we will spend an embarrassingly long period of time just looking at it, discussing it, and wondering how it could be better. We will look at the technology available to us, and we will discover that an acid-edged blade is twice as effective as a standard ‘punched’ one, and we’ll choose the best. We will find out all about what people want graters to deal with these days (eg hard cheese, carrots, chocolate, nutmeg), and we’ll produce the smallest range we can that still does all the jobs. We will learn that most people don’t have much kitchen storage, and we will do everything we can to make our grater smaller and flatter, but to do so without losing function. We will look at colours, and come to understand that bright handles help things stand out in a drawer, and we’ll choose a colour we love. Then we will think what we would like to pay for a grater like that, if we were the shopper, and then do our best to meet those prices without compromising the quality. All the way from concept to packaging, we’re trying to make it as functionally excellent as we can, and only then will we bring it to market. What you then do with your new grater is entirely down to you. All we know is that, if you add some great ingredients and a little bit of passion, we’ve given you the best tool for the job that we can.

Dexam Kitchen Innovation