Hurricane Rum Cocktail

A regional drink from New Orleans, go exotic adding pineapple and cherries to your rum cocktail. The perfect summer drink, best enjoyed in the sun for maximum pleasure!

Hurricane Rum Cocktail
PREP TIME 2 minutes COOK TIME 3 minutes MAKES 1


  • 25ml of rum
  • 25ml of fresh lime juice
  • 100ml of passion fruit syrup
  • 50ml of pineapple juice
  • 1 orange wedge
  • Ice

Preparation method

  1. Taking your cocktail shaker, fill the shaker with a few cubes ice.
  2. Measuring the rum, pour the rum, lime juice, passion fruit syrup and the pineapple juice into the cocktail shaker.
  3. Replacing the lid, shake the cocktail shaker until the whole of the outside of the shaker feels cold to touch.
  4. In your chosen glass, add a few cubes of ice to the glass before using your strainer to strain the cocktail into the glass.
  5. Finish by garnishing the cocktail with an orange wedge.