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Dexam's Finest Kitchen Products Made In The UK

As a family business, we are committed to developing great products from all around the world. One area that we are passionate about and that is promoting the British manufacturing industry. By buying British Kitchenware, you can support local jobs, skills, while using less resources in terms of transport. Three key skills that we are proud to support are: knife making, woodwork and textiles.

Our Forest and Forge knives are made in the heart of Sheffield, from a factory that has been producing fine cutlery for over a century. With skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, our knives are made to the highest standards with wind damaged boroughs. The wood that features in our exquisite range are native to the Sheffield area and include: ash, beech, yew, cherry, chestnut and walnut. Our Butchers Stripe kitchen textiles come from across the Pennines in Lancashire where they have been lovingly crafted by experienced weavers. In the past, we have made them in other countries, but none have been able to match the superior quality that our customers deserve. It is not just knives and textiles that can be created here in the UK, but also microwaveware. Instead of importing from China, Leicestershire is home to a modern plant that produces high quality microwavable plates, pots and covers for consumers across the world. The future looks bright with Beeswax Wraps now available at Dexam. A form of environmentally-friendly wraps, Beeswax are a superb alternative for those wanting to reduce the amount of cling film that they use while continuing to keep food fresh.