Zero waste gift ideas this Christmas from Dexam 

Christmas is a time of languorous excess; we congregate with family and friends to give and receive presents, as well as eat and drink far too much. However, in this day and age, as our environment becomes an increasing concern, all should start to be in moderation. So, the holiday of excess should instead start to be defined in terms of sustainable holiday festivities, in spite of tradition and exploring some zero waste gift ideas. 

Dexam’s Top 5 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

This Christmas, you can’t go wrong with personal and ethical gifts to your loved ones. The holiday can be a real strain on your purse strings yet it is all worth it when you are safe in the knowledge that your gift will be put used, benefiting the recipient and the environment. So, here are Dexam’s top 5 zero waste gift ideas that just keep on giving.

Sustainable Food Storage

Beeswax and Vegan Food Wraps 

Whether your family member or friend is a star baker or not our Beeswax and Vegan Wraps are the ultimate eco-friendly gift to give this Christmas. These wraps can be used either to preserve delicious baked goods, cover the tops of bowls or glasses or alternatively to package up your cheese in the fridge or sandwich for work. For beginners as well as seasoned eco-heroes, the beeswax and vegan wraps are the perfect way to pursue sustainability in your everyday life.

The wraps are ideal alternatives to prevalent single use plastics, such as cling film, and come in a variety of sizes to wrap up whatever contents that will be encased. The Beeswax Wrap, made from 100% cotton, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and local beeswax, and the Vegan Wrap, made from Sunflower, Sumac, Rice Bran Waxes, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and Pine Resin, allow your ingredients to naturally breathe and are renowned for retaining food’s freshness for longer. With a lifespan of over a year, when the time comes to dispose of your Wraps, do not fret as they decompose.



An alternative, or addition, to the Reusable Wraps is our sustainable Sistema storage solutions. This line offers sleek and stylish solutions for food storage in the form of seal-tight containers in which to store your food, whether at home or on the go, without any worry of leakage. With a variety of lines on offer, Sistema’s products, made from BPA and Phthalate free plastic, boast various features that follow a theme of efficiency to guarantee a quick and easy meal time wherever you are.

The Sistema Soup Mug is versatile in its ability to transport any contents, yet the leak proof mug lends itself to the storage of liquid contents such as soup or stew. At meal time, ensure that the lid is clipped on and the vent is open to allow for quick and easy microwaving, heating the contents right through. As an alternative storage solution, Sistema Brilliance Containers are a top choice. Assorted sizes allow for seamless stacking and seal tight storage. The Brilliance range has been designed to be stacked, taking up minimum cupboard space, and its innovative latches promise a mess free and spill free storage system in the fridge or freezer. And finally, when it comes to cleaning up, both products are dishwasher safe. 

Reusable Refreshments

BamBroo and WheBroo Mugs 

Our love for our morning coffee equates to the use of 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, 2.5 billion every year, of which 1% are recycled. So, with Christmas on the way, it's time to think about our relationship with single-use disposable cups and correct this with Dexam’s zero waste gift ideas. We offer both the BamBroo Mug, made from organic bamboo fibre with a BPA free silicone grip band, or the WheBroo Mug, made from natural wheat fibre. Both are heat resistant, dishwasher safe. Ensure your friends and family stay sustainable and snug this season with this zero waste gift idea when you choose from our fantastic range of eco-friendly mugs in a variety of fabulous colours and patterns and start reducing your wastage today! 

Stainless Steel and Paper Straws 

Our Bambroo Mug features a straw hole in the lid, ideal for those who enjoy a smoothie, perhaps as breakfast on the way to work. This is one of our most straightforward zero waste gift ideas yet extremely effective. Doing something as simple as sipping your tipple of choice from our selection of either Stainless Steel or Paper Straws can make a difference. You can help a friend or family member relax over the holidays whilst simultaneously saving the planet! 

Eco-friendly Fruit & Vegetable Bags

Dexam Reusable Drawstring Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Help one of your friends and family improve their weekly routine as they head to the supermarket for their food shop. Food is a necessity but plastic isn’t. Have you noticed how the aisles are filled filled with unnecessary plastic packaging? Say no to single-use plastic today by opting for loose fruit and veg and equipping yourself with our Reusable Drawstring Fruit and Vegetable Bags. This set of 5 sustainable polyester bags come in a variety of sizes and can be used again and again. 

So, with Dexam’s top 5 zero waste gift ideas, you can start helping those around you to correct their relationship with single use plastics. Christmas is a time of giving and by buying friends and family zero waste gifts we redefine the traditional festivity of giving and receiving; when you give one of our zero waste gift ideas to a loved one you are gifting them as well as the environment.