Follow Our Tips On Alternatives To Cling Film

A taboo word in the kitchen, cling film has become a product that many of us conscious cooks do not want to be associated with. A once handy product, there was little that you would not wrap with clingfilm! However, times are changing and trends have developed and this plastic, single-use product is no longer a product of choice. So are there alternatives to cling film?

Whether you prefer to wrap a sandwich for work or keep half used vegetables fresh in the fridge, be confident and embrace your new lifestyle without the dreaded use of clingfilm!

We have put together a list of top items that you can use as an alternative to cling film and why they are better than the single use wrap.


Beeswax Wraps

Reusable, natural and organic, bees wax wraps are one of the most popular for alternatives to cling film. Here at Dexam, we cannot rave enough about this environmentally friendly alternative to clingfilm. Whether used to wrap your sandwich, keep fruit fresh or transport your carrot batons to work, these fun and practical wraps can be washed and easily re-pasteurised for a years use!


Vegan Wraps

The vegan alternative to the much-loved Beeswax Wraps, vegan wraps are natural, organic and reusable.

Keeping food fresher for longer, Vegan Wraps can add an additional 3-4 extra days life to your food while allowing them to naturally breathe for added freshness.

Not just for food storage, turn your Vegan wraps into a handy pouch, using it to stock up on all the essentials at your local plastic free shop.


Part of our Sistema range, Freshworks will change the way you store fresh ingredients forever! With a variety of sizes available, Freshworks can keep ingredients fresher for 80% longer than when kept in their original store packaging. With a built-in long-lasting air filter, an elevated crisp tray has been added to prevent the build up of moisture and spoiling. One of the best alternatives to cling film for your fridge.



For those unfortunate times when you have cooked too much for dinner, instead of cling filming your bowl or plate and placing it into the fridge, we recommend TakeAlongs.

A stackable, airtight container, TakeAlongs have been designed to stack on top of one another in the fridge for maximum space saving. Made from BPA free plastic, TakeAlongs are dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe, helping you to reduce your food waste.

We hope that we have inspired and motivated you to take your first steps in banishing the dreaded cling film. To purchase these recommended tools or to start your plastic free journey today, head over to our website to shop these fantastic tools and more.

From our durable Sistema range to the versatile and fun Beeswax Wraps, reducing the amount of single-use plastic that you waste can be fun and rewarding and with the help of Dexam, we hope to get you off on your plastic free journey in no time!