What is World Vegan Day?

Celebrated every November, World Vegan Day has been held on the 1st November since 1994.

An event created by those who choose not to indulge in the act of eating meat; no matter where in the world you are, veganism is celebrated whether in homes, restaurants or societies.

Reducing the consumption of meat inside of your diet is often advised due to health implications meat can cause.

A high consumption of meat can lead to high cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease and reports have discovered that meat can higher your chances of developing cancer.

Vegans do not just avoid the eating of meat and fish, they go one step further and avoid eating any animal based products, such as eggs and dairy.

Having to think twice about which spread to put on your toast in the morning may seem like hard-work and avoiding those delicious Spanish omelettes that you love may seem cruel, but going vegan for a day can be great for your health.

sunday roast

If you are thinking of going vegan for a day and are wondering what exactly can I eat, the list is longer than you first thought.

Burgers- Eating burgers is not just for meat eaters, instead choose a filling made from either beans, quinoa or vegetables can be just as yummy if not more so than boring beef.

Pizza- With vegan options developing and being made more readily available, finding a vegan alternative to your favourite dish has just got easier.

If pizza is one of your top dishes, with non-dairy cheese, you can still enjoy your favourite cheese and pineapple or tomato and spinach.

Veggie roasts- It is a Sunday afternoon and your family are tucking into a hearty Sunday roast with all the trimmings, but being a vegan does not mean you have to miss out and watch from the side-lines.

With options like nut roast and vegan gravy available, you too can enjoy a delicious roast dinner, minus the guilt.

Ice cream- Going vegan does not mean a sad farewell to our beloved ice-cream. By using coconut milk as a dairy alternative, you can create some fantastic flavoured ice-creams.

From the classic vanilla, strawberry, banana to chocolate, you could be more daring adding coffee or pistachio, depending on your preference.

Chocolate- Even vegans love nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a large bar of chocolate.

An alternative made without cow’s milk, vegan chocolate contains cacao butter, cocoa powder and maple syrup.


A healthier lifestyle option worth giving a go, by going vegan for a day, you are not just doing wonders for your health, but you may decide to go meat free long-term.

Just as tasty and delicious as the original versions, vegan food is gaining in popularity as being a lifestyle trend for those wanting to care and improve their health.

If you are concerned about your health or wanting to go meat free for a day, join the World Vegan Day on the 1st November.