University Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Prep For Uni With Our Handy University Kitchen Essentials List

It’s that time of the year again. A time when first year students pack their bags, leave home and discover independence for the first time.  From dorms to rented accommodation, many students all encounter the difficult decision of which cooking tools to purchase when cooking for themselves. But with the Dexam university kitchen essentials checklist you can be prepared for everything!

We have put together our university kitchen essentials checklist of must have cooking tools for the university student or those moving and starting life outside of the family nest.

University Kitchen Essentials checklist saucepan
  1. Frying Pan

  2. From frying up some bacon after a long night out or a quick chicken dish after lessons, a frying pan is an essential kitchen tool for your university checklist. Our Non-Stick 20cm Frying Pan promises safe cooking and with a lifetime guarantee, keep frying no matter where life takes you.

  3. Roaster

  4. For those times attempting a Sunday roast or a larger than life cottage pie to keep warm during the winter months, our Supreme Roasting Tin promises delicious mid-week dinners and a 10-year guarantee.

  5. Spatula

  6. A versatile, durable and handy tool, our Dexam Silicone Spatula comes in a range of fun and bold animal prints, allowing you to release the inner animal when cooking in the kitchen.

  7. Grater

  8. A bright, 4-sided grater, cheese on toast is now made possible with this handy tool. Essential in all kitchens, get your student ready and give them this must have university checklist tool.

  9. Tin opener

  10. Beans on toast, tuna and pasta. One tool that is required for the job and that is a tin opener. Be prepared with out university checklist and don’t get caught out and instead purchase a reliable tin opener from Dexam.

  11. Colander

  12. They have mastered the art of cooking pasta and what will they use to drain their saucepan with? Their handy stainless steel footed colander.

  13. Potato Masher

  14. Get mashing potato with this handy and tough tool. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, get mashing lump free mashed potato, a filling and quick dish after lessons.

  15. Baking Tray

  16. From biscuits to chips, this non-stick baking tray comes with rolled edges to prevent against warping and promises extra support when cooking up an easy dinner. University Kitchen Essentials - Kitchen Knives

  17. GrooveTech Knives

  18. When preparing your child for university, supplying them with safe and reliable tools is essential for their safety when mastering the art of cooking for themselves. These GrooveTech knives promise sharp and smooth, stick-free cutting.

  19. Double Oven Gloves

  20. Keeping hands protected against the surface of hot pots and pans is a must in ensuring personal safety when in the kitchen. Be safe and keep hands protected in this stylish and sleek Butcher’s Stripe Double Oven Glove in Navy. Uni Kitchen Essentials - Tea Towels

  21. Tea Towels

  22. Inspire and motivate first time students to enjoy and approach the task of washing and drying up without dread with the help of these jumbo checked tea towels from our Love Colour range.

Here is our basic University Kitchen Essentials Checklist, full of cooking tools required for the first-time student. For more genius tools and accessories to improve your quality of cooking, visit our website.