• Is giving a knife as a gift bad luck?

    It’s a myth half as old as time itself, that giving a sharp object (and especially a knife) as a gift will bring bad luck. Specifically, so they say, the sharpness of the blade will ‘sever’ the ties of the friendship. Knives are not alone in being considered unlucky gifts in some cultures: handkerchiefs (waving goodbye to a relationship), shoes (a bringer of evil), clocks (calling for bad ...

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  • Why does my cheese knife have holes in it?

    One of the wonderful things about knives is that there seems to be one for just about any job you might do in a kitchen from shucking an oyster to slicing a wafer thin piece of sashimi, with about a hundred tasks in between. But a question that we get asked quite often is ‘why do cheese knives have holes in them?’ And a supplementary question is ‘why do some cheese knives turn up at the end ...

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  • How to clean baking trays and oven dishes

    Admit it, they are never the most beautiful thing in your kitchen- those much-used and much-loved trays and dishes that are hidden away from view most of the time. They look old before their time, and always look like are starting their days work a little grubbier than they should be. Here’s some ideas for you. If the dish or tray has just been used to heat up, say, something simple like sc ...

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  • 10 easy ways to kick plastic out of your life!

    So what exactly is the problem with plastic? Why are we so down on one of the most brilliant and versatile inventions of the last 15 years? Paradise beach in Thailand ruined by heavy plastic pollution. The real problem is that it never ‘dies’, never goes away. We (the human race) make 350 million tons of it a year, even though all the humans on earth don’t add up to 350 million tons. A ...

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  • The Great Spaghetti Tree hoax

    One of the great hoaxes ever pulled by a national broadcaster was pulled by the BBC’s Panorama programme on April Fool’s Day, 1957. The short piece followed a family in Ticino, Switzerland, and talked in detail about their spaghetti farm, including images of the spaghetti being harvested from the trees. The piece mentioned that the farm was benefiting from a mild winter, and from the disapp ...

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  • 10 Ways you can help our bees

    For a number of reasons, the world’s insects have had a lousy century so far. Indeed, a 27 year long study in Germany came to the startling finding that over 70% of the flying insect biomass had disappeared from the study areas between 1986 and 2013. This matters. Taken together, the UK’s insect species perform vital work: they control pests, aerate the ground, remove waste, fertilise soil an ...

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  • Zero waste gift ideas this Christmas from Dexam 

    Christmas is a time of languorous excess; we congregate with family and friends to give and receive presents, as well as eat and drink far too much. However, in this day and age, as our environment becomes an increasing concern, all should start to be in moderation. So, the holiday of excess should instead start to be defined in terms of sustainable holiday festivities, in spite of tradition and ...

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  • Using an Icing Spatula for Cake Decorating

    When it comes to decorating cakes, the options and opportunities are endless. Whether you strive to create breathtaking works of art that even the great masters would be proud of, or you want to present something that looks reasonably edible to your family and friends, the humble Icing Spatula is a must-have tool for any baker.  Why you need to invest in an Icing Spatula for cake decorating Funn ...

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  • How to Care for Cast Iron

      If you’ve just purchased a new cast iron skillet, you’ll no doubt want to learn the very best cast iron care for your pan to ensure it stands the test of time.  Cast iron is an excellent material for cookware, being extremely durable, versatile, and heat resistant, making it perfect for everything from whipping up hearty one-pot meals to more experimental, sophisticated, dinner party ...

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  • A stress free Christmas: Christmas kitchen essentials checklist

    The festive season is fast approaching yet for many the holiday marks an annual period of stress when contemplating the copious amount of cooking that lies ahead. However, Dexam are here to help you feed the whole family and with this checklist for the ultimate Christmas kitchen essentials you’re already on the way to enjoying a stress free Christmas! How to have a relaxing holiday with our Chri ...

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