• Father's Day - The perfect gift ideas

    Father's Day is fast approaching and we know that gift ideas can sometimes be tricky, at Dexam we have you covered with our recommend gifts for Dad.... Dexam Woks - For Dad's who love to travel and cook. You can create amazing tasting oriental foods hot off the wok - like the perfect Chow Mein. Take him on a journey through Asia by cooking dishes full of spicy fragrant exotic flavours with our am ...

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  • Stir-up Sunday

    Stir-up Sunday, which takes place on 21st November this year, has been a tradition that was willed down to us by the Victorians. It first started with the book of Common Prayer, and the collect for the last Sunday before Advent, that ran: ‘Stir up we beseech thee, O Lord, the will of thy faithful people’. People think that it was King George I who first introduced the Christmas pudding to th ...

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  • Eating for a happy planet in November

    With COP26 gathering in Glasgow, we are reminded of our responsibility to live within the limits of our planet. How we eat is a key part of this. Quite often, because we have been brought up in the supermarket and fast-food outlet era of processed food packaged up in appealing branding, we see this as an unwelcome challenge, rather than the delicious and good value opportunity that it actually i ...

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  • Dexam wins big at the Excellence in Housewares Awards 2021

    Last week we proudly announced our award win in Product Development at the Excellence in Housewares Awards 2021. Our passion for great products started over 60 years ago when two brothers launched the company in 1957 and travelled the world importing items to improve the home. They had a one room office, a typewriter and a couple of dogs. Their wives did most of the packing, and their childre ...

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  • Dexam bake off competition

    It’s nearly time for the Great British Bake-off and we cannot wait! To celebrate its return, we’d love our customers to surprise us with their baking recipes and creations. Submit your surprising recipe and photos to Dexam to be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of Dexam Bakeware plus a chance to have your recipe published! Simply tag us on Facebook with your entry or send in your entry ...

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  • Eating your way to a better world

    We live in a time of great change in our ‘food systems’, the complex webs of production, processing, transport and consumption, and it seems almost incredible that, whilst the world has managed to halve the number of seriously hungry people to about 800 million, it has doubled the number of overweight and obese people to around 2 billion. There are so many problems out there, from over-popu ...

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  • The Hungry Gap

    You don’t hear much talk about it these days, but the ‘hungry gap’ is a long-standing description of the period between mid April and early June when British farms have finished the winter crops, but aren’t yet ready with the Spring ones. It is traditionally the time of year when the quantity and variety of food is at its lowest, which can seem very strange when the sun is shining, and the ...

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  • What to eat on St George’s Day

    We have many Saint’s days in these islands, and the one that comes along this week on April 23rd, Saint George’s day, normally heralds the start of the summer: cricket replacing football, and long evenings spent outside in the (we hope) sunshine. In our kitchens, Saint George’s Day has always been associated with roast beef, bread and butter pudding and, if you are lucky, a good tea of scon ...

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  • A Message From Chloe, Project Officer For Bee The Change Campaign

    I’m absolutely buzzing to share this message from Chloe, Project Officer for the bee-rilliant Bee the change campaign:   “Bee the Change!" The Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Bee the Change campaign is all about simple, quick micro-actions people can do to make their postcodes more bumblebee-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the countryside. If you have a ga ...

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  • A Letter From The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

    We are delighted to hear that you would like to continue your support for our work and be part of our exciting plans for 2021. Despite the many operational challenges in 2020, here are some of the highlights of what we have achieved with your support: In early 2020 we launched a new project, the Fowey Valley Bumblebee Project. Working with partners in Cornwall, this project is testing the Univers ...

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