Get on trend this spring with the ultimate teapot

Every Spring we choose to take the time to evaluate our lifestyles and the objects that we hold dear to us. When spring cleaning this March and you are thinking of making a purchase that you know can improve the quality of your social life and general happiness, let us recommend you into investing in a new ultimate teapot.

An ultimate teapot is a perfect accessory to place on the dining room table or in the living room on the coffee table. By brewing a large pot of loose tea when friends surprise you with a visit, relaxing over a pot of tea is the most charming way to catch up with friends and loved ones.

For evenings at home alone, enjoying some downtime, along with running a hot bubble bath and cosying up with a book, why not brew that favourite camomile tea that you love while you relax with on the sofa.

If you are wanting to purchase yourself a new ultimate teapot this Spring and are wanting a pot that adds style and charisma to your home, then we have the perfect suggestions for you.

Take a look at our 5 trending ultimate teapots

Add some colour with London Pottery

ultimate teapot F

At Dexam we are in absolute love with this bright yellow globe 2-cup teapot from London Pottery. The perfect addition to any kitchen, this small yet bright ultimate teapot can add colour and style to your day, making it a highlight when the time comes to brew a pot of tea.

Friends will be full of compliments and jealous with envy over the colourful and stylish teapot; a teapot for the fashion conscious, be brave and adventurous this year, turning heads with the cheerful bright yellow teapot.


Add some farmhouse chic to your kitchen with the Farmhouse filter cobalt blue teapot.

colbat ultimate teapot

Always dreamed of owning a farmhouse, or perhaps you want to add some understated chic to your kitchen to create a homely and wholesome vibe, if this is the case then get brewing some loose-leaf tea in this farmhouse filter teapot in the cool colour of cobalt blue. In a beautiful and traditional style, this iconic looking teapot has been designed than none other than David Bitch, leading ceramist, designed to prevent spillage from its elegant spout. If you are looking for your next teapot to add class and style to your home yet features the capability of brewing both loose and bagged tea, then this Farmhouse filter teapot ticks all the right boxes.


globe spotty red ultimate teapotAdd some retro style to your home with the bright and bold Globe spotty teapot.

An attractive teapot that can brighten up even your greyest of days while adding a retro appearance to your kitchen. For the fashion lover wanting to cling on to memories of the good times and times of a simpler era, embrace the springing 60’s and bring home this swinging Red polka dot teapot. Adding humour and a ray of sunshine to your morning cup of tea, the teapot has been designedwith a drip-free spout and a grid at the base of the spout to remove larger lumps of tea from pouring into your cup.


Add some futuristic stylish and get stacking with the adorable oval teapot in pebble grey.

oval ultimate teapot grey

A modern teapot for the tea enthusiast, no matter whether you are buying the teapot for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you, this teapot is a must-have addition for any fashion-conscious home. This oval teapot has been highly designed for maximum performance, no matter your preference of tea. With a built-in filter to prevent loose leaf tea from escaping and finding their way into your teacup and a removable oval drip tea to stop tea from dripping when you remove the filter. A modern addition to your home, there is a colour suited to every home.


Go bold with the super stylish matt black teapot.

matt black ultimate teapot

A traditional style teapot in matt black, this trendy teapot is ideal for those wanting to enjoy a freshly brewed pot of tea without taking their attention away from the hot beverage in front of them. Designed in a traditional style by ceramist David Birch, this cute little teapot is ideal for tea drinkers wanting to be confident in a spill free spout.


For drinker’s unsure which size of ultimate teapot is best suited to their needs, at Dexam we have a range of sizes, ideal for times when friends pop round uninvited.

Whichever ultimate teapot that you choose to purchase, you can be confident that when you buy London Pottery from Dexam, you are receiving a high quality and super stylish teapot, there for all your teas needs during the year ahead.