Top Sausage Tools

We are a nation of Sausage lovers and what better way to embrace your love of this meaty creation than attempting to master the art of homemade sausages. By adding your favourite herbs and spices to your pork meat, you can add flavour and create a new concoction of sausage every time.

A simpler task than you once thought, making sausages is so easy, you may wonder why you have never attempted homemade sausages before!

So whether you are making a sausage casserole, creating a larger than life toad in the hole, or meaty hot dogs, try your hand at Sausage making.

For those beginners keen and enthusiastic to master the art of sausage making, here are some top tools to get you started.

Dexam Sausage and Mincer Machine


There are many tools that you will require, including the Dexam Sausage and Mincer Machine. This machine can mince your meat before creating those juicy sausages with the use of the

attachable compartments.

A handy tool, this machine is versatile and suited to more meat activities than just sausages.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Along with a sausage machine, you will also need a selection of stainless steel mixing bowls. Perfect for storing not just meat and the minced meat, place your herbs, spices and other ingredients in these bowls at a handy distance for convenient cooking.


A much-needed tool for when cooking your sausages and that is a meat thermometer. Important when cooking any ingredient, the Dexam meat thermometer is important in making sure that your meat is accurately cooked for safe porking!

Chasseur Grill Pan

When the time comes to cook your homemade sausages, use none other than the Chasseur grill pan. A reliable tool, this grill pan is a healthier and more economical way to cook your


sausages. No oil is needed with this cast iron grill and you can be confident in perfectly browned sausages every time.

These recommended tools are ideal for those wanting to begin to master sausage making. If you are looking for a recipe to attempt first or inspiration to start you on your banger of a journey, see our homemade sausage recipe here.

You may find as you begin to build confidence when mastering the art of sausage making that you are experimenting with the flavours and ingredients, potentially even dabbing in exotic flavours such as chorizo and chipolatas. No matter your journey, visit Dexam for all your sausage making needs!