Fun things to do this Easter

Easter is quickly approaching, the time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Christ. But for most, this holiday is not just about religion...

Chocolate eggs; the Easter holiday, a time spent in a chocolate coma, days spent with sticky hands and stomachs swollen from the consumption of your entire body weight in large hollow chocolate eggs.

Getting the whole family active this Easter can seem like a hard task, but there is much more to do than search the garden on your hands and knees looking for your next sugar hit?

Here are our top fun things to do that will entertain the whole family this Easter.


Get Baking.

Why not attempt to teach the children some new skills this Easter?

Get the aprons out and attempt the tricky task of creating your own Easter eggs for the kids and yourself to enjoy. If Easter eggs seem like a hard task, try a less daunting challenge, baking some yummy biscuits in the shape of Easter eggs or adorable chicks.

Go on an Easter egg hunt.

Get the kids outside breathing in some fresh air while searching for decorated hand painted Easter eggs. The decision of whether to hide chocolate eggs or go for beautifully decorated eggs is up to you. You could even be super cruel and choose not to hide any eggs at all, tricking them into spending some time outside! Tempting!?

Go on a family walk.

Easter is a fantastic time to get the whole family outside exercising. With the weather feeling slightly warmer and with bellies full to the brim with a delicious lamb roast dinner and chocolate eggs of all sizes, going for a leisurely stroll is ideal for walking off the large lunch. Depending where you choose to go for your walk, you may be lucky to see the famous Easter bunny out and about, bouncing around.

Egg rolling.

Easter is the best time to get outside and go egg rolling. If you have never heard of this activity before and are wondering what egg rolling is, then honestly, you haven’t lived! Egg rolling is a mini competition; by boiling and hand decorating eggs, you will find a nice hill with an attractive incline and at the same time as your competitor, you both roll your eggs down the hill. The winner of each round is the one whose egg has rolled the furthest and has made it down the hill in one piece. Egg rolling is so much fun and can get even the most uninterested child involved. Get egg rolling this Easter and have a fantastic holiday.

Get together with the family and cook a delicious roast dinner.

Why not take the Easter holidays as an opportunity to get the whole family together and cook up a mean Sunday roast with all the trimmings? If you like the idea of cooking up a delicious roast this Easter, you do not need to stick to lamb, opting for beef or pork, whatever takes your fancy. At Dexam we have a whole range of premium cookware that can help you cook the perfect roast.

For families wanting to have a cracking Easter this year, along with keeping the children busy and getting them outside at every opportunity, enjoying the transformation of the plants and the young baby animals popping up all over the countryside, Easter is a fantastic idea for a roast.

Cooking a roast dinner is a great way to keep the whole family quiet this Easter Sunday; making a roast with everyone's favourite vegetables and enough large Yorkshire puddings to please everyone.

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