The importance of a wine aerator pourer

Enjoy a glass of wine? Or perhaps you are one who would rather sit there with a whole bottle to yourself? For those who call themselves connoisseurs, the importance of a wine aerator pourer should not go ignored. But what exactly is aerating wine and how important is it?    

What does a wine aerator pourer do?

There are two different ways that you can aerate your bottle of wine. Many wine enthusiasts will choose between a wine aerator pourer or a decanter. Both of these tools can separately help air to filter the bottle of the wine.

By filtering air into the bottle, you can improve the quality and flavour of your bottle of wine while allowing it to breath. Whether you choose to let your bottle breathe for 10 minutes or two hours, you can create smoother more pleasant flavours and allow you to highlight the individual flavours when enjoying with friends.

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Can you use both a decanter and a wine aerator pourer together?

Many people will choose to use a decanter and a wine aerator pourer together, while others will choose between the two. Aerating wine with a decanter is perfect for those wanting to air their bottle over the space of a few hours, but for those on a time scale, we recommend using a wine aerator pourer. A wine aerator can speed up the process of airing the bottle, helping oxygen into the bottle at a quicker speed.

wine areator pourer

How do I know that an aerator is for me?

Are you a person who enjoys indulging themselves in a bottle of wine once a week? Perhaps you are known to hold a party every so often and want to impress friends with your expertise in wine? For those who find that they spend far too much money on expensive bottles of wine, save money and spend less. By buying a £20 bottle of wine, with the help of an aerator, you can make that bottle of wine taste like a £30 bottle!

Convince friends that you are a wine expert and save money by purchasing yourself a pourer. A handy tool, aerators can be popped into the bottle and used even when pouring wine, promising perfectly aerated wine with every glass. With a drip-less spout, don’t waste even a drop of wine.