The Future Is Wheat Fibre!

New in at Dexam and that is our 2in1 Wheat Fibre Chopping Board. A biodegradable, natural material, Wheat Fibre is quickly becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

You may be wondering, what exactly is Wheat Fibre and what makes this natural material so special?

What is Wheat Fibre made from?

Made from natural fibres and tree-based plants, Wheat Fibre is typically made from wheat rice, hemp, flax and sugar cane. During the manufacturing process, excess agricultural waste is taken before being transformed into pellets and liquefied in a heatable cylinder to create the finish product.

What are the benefits of using Wheat Fibre?

Wheat Fibre is a useful and durable product that is strong and sturdy and able to handle any challenges that you throw its way. Surprisingly since it is made from agricultural waste, Wheat Fibre is microwave and freezer safe, as well as being heat resistant to 90°C.

Can you biodegrade Wheat Fibre?

Once used as a disposable product, perfect for takeaway products, Wheat Fibre is being transformed into reusable and environmentally friendly products. Wheat Fibre is most frequently used to create coffee cups for your morning coffee and wheat fibre bowls for your kitchen.

When it comes to binning and disposing of your coffee cup or chopping board at the end of its working life, Wheat Fibre is amazingly biodegradable! Fully compostable, Wheat Fibre can be composted either a home or in a commercial composting system and will take 6 months to decompose at home.

Why should we use Wheat Fibre in the future?

Wheat Fibre is becoming a top choice for manufacturers as an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials. Made using left over agricultural waste, Wheat Fibre is created with fewer toxic chemicals than when making other products.

Bringing in extra revenue for farmers, farmers can sell their leftover waste, turning it into reusable products. A material that can make a change, transforming the environment and agricultural industry, we predict a future with more Wheat Fibre products.

What can Wheat Fibre be used for?

You may or may not be aware, but here at Dexam you can purchase Wheat Fibre travel drinks mugs and a versatile 2in1 chopping board. But what else can Wheat Fibre be used for?

Wheat fibre has become a popular choice for mugs, travel mugs, lunch boxes, kitchen accessories, toothbrushes, bins and more…

A durable, reusable and compostable product, there really is no excuse to not be using Wheat Fibre in the future.

As consumers, we must all make a change and consider all the facts when purchasing new products for our kitchen and for our home.

Where has these products come from? What are the effects of these products on the environment? But most importantly, how can we dispose of these products?