The ever-versatile quiche pan: don’t settle for bland this Christmas

Quiche pans are a handy versatile tool, perfect if wanting to make a quiche Lorraine or perhaps a gluten free frittata, your quiche pans are more universal than you once thought.

It may be obvious to say but when it comes to cooking up the family a fresh cheese and bacon quiche, a tin is not always necessary, instead you may choose to opt for a roasting tray or any ceramic dish that you may have at hand.

Deciding to make a small sacrifice and purchase a quiche tin, whether it be circular, rectangular or square can be useful when the time comes to get experimental and try your hand at baking.

Using our three different shaped quiche pans, we are going to recommend three delicious dishes that you can create easily in the comfort of your own home this winter.

An alternative and cheaper dish for dinner, quiche along with being easy and quick to create always makes a fantastic starter to serve or a delicious nibble to bring out when holding a party this Christmas.

grape quiche

A creative and imaginative Grape and Gorgonzola Quiche

A delicious, fresh and light alternative to the classic quiche. No matter the chosen tin you decide to cook this dish in, the flavours from the Gorgonzola cheese and the red grapes, will complement each other amazingly. By adding a sprinkle of spinach on top and walnuts for a hidden crunch, you can be confident that you have a true winner, that the whole family will enjoy. This delicious dish is ideal, whether served with salad for dinner or eaten on its own as a leftover for lunch, this really is the ultimate versatile dish to spoil the family with this winter.

onion and mushroom frittata

An alternative frittata recipe, for those wanting a bit of flavour

Frittata is a perfect alternative to those wanting a quiche. Made from eggs and vegetables, this is a healthier and yummy alternative to those who are gluten free and unable to sample the flavours found in a quiche. This recipe along with being scrumptious, also contains mushrooms which you may be aware play a huge part in your health and are set to become a huge food trend during 2018. For a quick health boost or to add a more intense flavour to your midweek dinner, this caramelised mushroom and onion frittata will get the thumbs up from the family. One of the biggest bonuses about cooking up this healthy dish, is that you can cook the frittata in a quiche pan, or in your Chasseur frying pan if you are unable to find your trusty tin.

custard and fruit tartlet

A sweet dessert for those with a sugar craving

Christmas is the time for eating and overindulging with the abundance of tasty, sweet treats. As the temperature lowers, turning to these sweet creamy custard fruit tartlets is just that more tempting. An ideal dessert, perfect for serving at your annual Christmas party or placing on the table as a naughty treat on Boxing Day. These delicious little treats are ideal and will be enjoyed by even those who despise the idea of fruit. Easy to create and will sit looking pretty in the centre of your table this Christmas, why not personalise the tartlets decorating with fruit that everyone prefers to enjoy.

If you are wanting to try your hand at making homemade quiche that the family will love, at Dexam we have a range of quiche and tartlet tins ideal for experimenting and creating warming, flavourful dishes this dull winter.