The benefits of cooking with Chasseur Cast Iron cookware

If y11832201_Pearl_Barley_Risottoou haven’t been seduced by Chasseur Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware yet, then be prepared to be persuaded. The word Chasseur means ‘hunter’ in French, which immediately conjures up images of frosty stubble fields, and autumnal and winter warming casseroles; yet Chasseur is much more than this. Founded in the historic Champagne-Ardenne region of Northern France over 75 years ago in the rolling valleys, meandering rivers and dense forests of the region, our Chasseur foundry is renowned for its tradition, its quality and the craftsmen’s extraordinary attention to detail. It is an area that has prided itself on wonderful food since the mists of time were clearing and, as everyone knows, wonderful food needs wonderful equipment to produce it in. So what are the compelling benefits of cooking with Enamelled Cast Iron cookware?

Slow Cooking

One of the key features of cast iron, as a material, is its ability to retain heat. This is why most people associate a cast iron casserole with slow cooking both inside, and on top of, the cooker. Farming families have always appreciated the ability to ‘put supper on’ the range before they go out to work in the fields, and to know that, when they get back in cold and tired, there will be a warming stew waiting to be eaten before they even take off their boots. The cast iron produces the function, and the enameling on the inside produces the hygienic and easily cleaned product.

Other cooking

Cast iron is also good for other types of cooking. Once you have fried a prime steak on one of our grill pans, for example, you will never look back. The ridges in the base of the pan keep the steak out of the liquid, whilst the material below imparts the perfect heat. Or you can bake bread or cakes, fry rosti, cook pizzas or almost anything else. Once that old pan is hot, there is not much you can’t do with it.


Durability and Lifetime guarantee

Chasseur is made from the highest quality Enamelled Cast Iron and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Each piece of Chasseur is finished to the most exacting standards, with an equally superior and durable enamel finish. Whether it be a casserole dish or a grill pan, Chasseur is made with love in France at a foundry which is all about quality rather than ‘how cheaply can we make this’, hence the lifetime guarantee. In fact, Chasseur is for keeps and it has been known for families to pass their beloved cookware from one generation to the next.

Self Basting Lid

If you look at the inside of one of our casserole lids, you will see a series of concentric rings built in to the structure. When your pan is cooking, these rings act as a break to the flow of the condensed steam, and releases the liquid evenly back into the recipe, keeping it moist, and retaining all the original elements of the ingredients.


This gorgeous and traditional collection is more than just a pretty face, with a selection of key features helping to make cooking your favourite Sunday dishes just that much easier.

Each item in our Chasseur collection is double enamelled, helping to increase its overall lifespan and helping make those burnt food a breeze to remove.

Another key feature important in the success of the gorgeous casserole dishes is the incorporation of the large ergonomic handles.

The two thick cast iron handles make picking and lifting the casserole dish easier and safer, as well as, the stainless steel knob, allowing you to lift the self-blasting lid without burning yourself.

When it comes to our cast iron casserole dish the round, iconic style is more than keeping tradition alive, as the curved base makes it easier to stir.

Smooth Base

Whether you are cooking with your new Chasseur casserole dish or the square grill pan, with the use of the smooth enamelled base, you can cook either on the hob or in the oven.

By using a smooth base for our collection, we can be confident that our saucepans and casserole dishes are all safe to be used on a range of hobs.


One of the hardest decisions you are going to have to make is not whether to buy from our Chasseur collection, but instead of what colour to choose from.

With a range of gorgeous and delightful colours suited to all kitchens, we feel confident that we have a colour suited to your preference.

Whether you are after a classic Chilli Red, funky Flame Orange, Urban Grey and Provence Blue or wanting to stay safe with a Matt Black, we have a colour for you.



Cast iron is renowned for its versatility, able to be used either on the hob or in the oven.

Suitable to be used on a variety of hob types including induction, Chasseur cast iron is able to withstand heats of up to 260°C.

Heat retention

One its most beneficial properties and what makes cooking with cast iron so fantastic, is its ability to retain and spread the heat across the surface of the pan.

Cooking to a steady temperature, when you have removed the pan from the oven, you will find that your slow-cooked dish will remain warm until the time comes to serve.

If you decide to serve your meal within the pot it cooked in, your food will remain warm throughout the entire duration of the meal.

Easy clean

Cooking with cast iron has more benefits than versatility and durability. With an easy to clean surface that requires no seasoning, maintaining the health of your cast iron is incredibly easy.

Whether you would prefer to hand-wash or are a fan of the dishwasher, all items in the Chassuer collection are dishwasher-safe.

Beautiful presentation

Available in a selection of shapes and colours, along with adding a traditional vibe to your family kitchen, Chasseur can help to improve the overall quality and flavour when it comes to your weekly casserole and bakes.

Whether you prefer to purchase the Chilli Red casserole dish for a pop of colour, or are wanting to purchase the whole range in Flame orange to match the décor of your kitchen, the Chasseur range will look fantastic in your home.

Cooking with Chasseur creates intense flavours, slow cooking the meat for a tenderness that we all associate with our favourite casseroles

With the ability to present the completed meal in its original cast iron dish, cooking with Chasseur is practical and fun for the whole family.

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