That's eggcellent

boiled egg

The approach to Easter is now on, that time of year where everything involves the consumption of eggs. Hollow chocolate in the shape of an egg, eggs boiled hard and decorated before being rolled down hill to the perfect poached egg served on sourdough with smashed avocado for the ultimate lazy Sunday morning breakfast. No matter how you prefer your eggs, make sure that you cook your eggs just right for maximum enjoyment.

At Dexam we have a range of fantastic tools, helping you to cook and prepare your eggs perfectly.

Whether you prefer them poached, boiled, sliced or scrambled, we have a tool to help when it comes to easy cooking.

Dexam Egg Topper

This handy little tool is perfect for a shell free yoke. Often when it comes to removing the shell from a boiled egg, the shell can be difficult to remove, falling into the yoke, this problem can be solved with the help of the Dexam Egg Topper. By squeezing the stainless-steel topper around the top of the egg and rotating, you can remove the top of the egg with the teeth, helping to quickly and effortlessly remove the shell from your boiled egg.

Dexam Egg Wedger

Are you making a delicious and healthy salad and are wanting to neatly slice your eggs before laying them on top of your beautiful creation? For those who have attempted to cut their egg, you will be aware of how difficult that it is to keep your slices neat but also that the yoke goes everywhere. If you are wanting a simpler and easier alternative for when it comes to slicing your egg into wedges, use the Dexam Egg Wedger. By placing the boiled egg into the base tray, the egg will be held in place while you slice the egg with the slicer, for easy, mess free egg slicing.

Dexam Microwave Egg Poacher

Do you have difficulty when it comes to creating the perfect poached egg? If you want to poach your egg without all the hassle, the Dexam microwave egg poacher is the perfect tool for struggling chefs. One of the latest additions to our microwave collection, to use this futuristic devise all you must do is a crack an egg into each of the plastic cups before adding cold water and microwaving. Super simple.

These are just three of our favourite tools, but on our website we sell so much more. No matter your style of egg, you can be confident that we have the tool for you to make the most delicious eggs imaginable.

egg topper from Dexam