Get ready for summer

Make this summer a memorable one. Make sure to spend every opportunity outside in the company of good friends with mountains of delicious, tasty and nutritious food. By preparing and getting ready with summer cookware, you can be ready for whatever excitement and adventure comes your way.

At Dexam we have put together a list of what we believe are the ultimate summer cookware essentials. From tools to help you make the best salad, to aprons to impress your friends. These must have items are key to making summer 2018 a memorable one!

Dexam Spiralizer 


The summer for us is all about indulging in refreshing and sweet, yummy salads. When opting for a light and refreshing salad, why not excite and tantalise your taste buds by spiralizing your ingredients? An easy to use spiralizer, why not turn your favourite courgette into a healthy noodle. The perfect summer cookware tool for those wanting to lead a more healthy diet, get spiralizing this summer.

Dexam Glass Clip Top Jars

Traditional in design, these glass clip top jars are the perfect summer cookware item for storing food. When the weather turns warmer, correctly storing food in air tight containers is paramount in reducing your food waste and keeping food fresher for longer. Store dry goods in these attractive and practical jars, adding charm and charisma to your kitchen.

Corn on the Cob Skewers with Soft Grip  corn cob holders

We love nothing more than enjoying a BBQ. Next time you organise a BBQ, don’t forget to purchase yourself a set of corn on the cob skewers. Keeping your hands clean, hold onto either end for a balanced and enjoyable cob experience!

Single Burger Press 

We are about becoming more self-reliant and creating our own delicious dinners. Join aboard the band wagon this summer and get making some homemade burgers for your BBQ. You can choose between meat or be adventurous opting for a veggie option that is popular with all your guests.

Non-Stick Paella pan 39cm

Spanish cuisine and summer go hand in hand effortlessly. During the longer daylight hours, why not set the outside table, placing candles and a decanter of wine before serving a slow-cooked paella for your loved one in our large 39cm non-stick paella pan?!

Marrakesh Double Oven Glove Blue

Add some Moroccan vibes to your kitchen this summer with the bright and cheerful double oven glove in blue. Bringing back memories of busy souks and bustling squares, channel that wanderlust into flavoursome, spiced dishes that complement the warmer weather perfectly.

 Artisan Denim Apron


Calling all men! This is the ultimate BBQ accessory. Able to protect your clothes when cooking on the BBQ. A strong and sturdy apron, this denim apron comes with a matching gauntlet, perfecting for releasing the inner chef while still looking your best!

Rabbit Stainless Steel Measure and Mix

No summer is complete without a cocktail or two. Get the summer off in style with the Rabbit measure and mix set. With all the tools needed to create delicious homemade cocktails, even the least experienced can turn into a mixologist for an evening.

Like our suggested summer cookware tools? Take a look at our website, where we have more valuable tools, allowing you to make the most out of the approachingmeasuremix summer.